Two Days Till Samhain, The Witches New Year (Northern Hemisphere)

Two Days Till Samhain

(Northern Hemisphere)

“The Lord of Life Greenwood Man will now adopt his position as Lord of the Underworld, the dread Lord of Shadows. All around leaves are changing color and falling from branches , with life itself retracting back into roots and bulbs . Not destroyed , but moved to another plane for the Winter , to rest , to recuperate in order to be re born. This is a time to draw in our energy , and prepare for Winter. The colours are not provided by flowers, and yet the Earth is surrounded in color … the color are of harvest and reflect the colors of the harvest an animals too. As Samhain or Halloween arrives, so does JackFrost, making mysterious veil patterns on our windows, reminding us of his cleverness and intricate work. Caileach, The Crone, the Wise One, The Oldest of the Phases of The Moon, has devoured the God so that she can rebirth him. Her womb is the Underworld. Samhain is a time of transformation and of looking inside ourselves, a time for introspection. It is also a sombre time of remembrance, when we remember and honour those who have died. On this date the difference between the planes is at its lightest and we invite the dead to join us to feast. We can contact those who have died in all years gone by and we call upon ancient men and women to help us at this time.”

– Samhain and Beltane