Spell for Samhain to Ward of Bad Luck

Spell for Samhain to Ward of Bad Luck


There are a lot of people out there who believe they are having “a run of bad luck” and they say things run in 3’s. So here is what we are going to do. Because this is the start of the next wheel, forwarned is forarmed.


Take 3 shiny pennies, 3 pieces of cloth in a favourite colour and 3 bits of string/ribbon. Sit in front of your Samhain fire with protection incense burning and wrap each penny in a piece of cloth and tie with string saying:

“In luck I trust, in luck I believe, with this cloth, good luck I weave”.


Hold each pouch in the incense smoke and then place 2 safely on your altar/sacred space/magick box and hang the other over your front door.


Any time you feel there is a run of “bad luck”, you take this pouch out into a field/countryside/beach and bury it, saying


“Bad luck has come but not to stay, I bury it now to turn it away”.


Return home and hang a new one in its place. It is turned and we are done.



Green Witch