Five Days to Samhain, The Witches New Year


Five Ideas to Prepare for the Coming Of Samhain

1.  This is a time for remembering the Ancestors, honoring deceased members of your family, and remembering the cherished dead.  Gather together a few pictures of your ancestors and place them on or near your home altar.  Set out some offerings of food, drink or valuables to honor the dead.  Visit and clean the gravesites of those who have passed away.  Say some prayers for the souls of those who have passed into the Otherworld.  Talk with your ancestors and bring them up to date about what has happened since they died on the earthly plane. 

2.  Samhain is the time when the veils to the Otherworlds are lifted.  It is an excellent time for the practice of divination, scrying, fortune telling, or reading the future.  My first choice for divination is a Tarot deck.  I prefer using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless or the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley.   There are many techniques and methods used for fortune telling or divination.  My notes about using the Tarot are online. 

3.  Read about Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead.  Add notes and links to books, magazines, and webpages on the subject.   Visit your local public library or college library for books, media and magazines on the subject. 

4.  Add some appropriate Samhain, Halloween, October songs, chants, prayers, invocations, or poems to your Neo-Pagan Craft Journal, Book of Shadows, Ritual Handbook, etc..  Write in your personal journal.  Many keep a Neo-Pagan notebook, journal or log as part of their experimental and experiential work.  

5.  If children playing “Trick or Treat” from house to house is customary in your neighborhood, then get ready for the event.  Dress in a costume or mask.  Host a Halloween party.  Decorate your home with Jack-0-Lanterns, skeletons, and spooky looking decorations. 

2 thoughts on “Five Days to Samhain, The Witches New Year

  1. I was wondering if an person’s pet is included in honoring the dead; if so, that’ll be great… Because I’d lost my best friend an few years back, had to put him to sleep due to him having cancer.


    1. I believe we think alike and that is scary for you, lol! I was just thinking about calling my last familiar that passed away in my arms a few years ago. She was such a sweet baby and then she came down with congestive heart failure. She lived 2 1/2 years longer than she was suppose too(thanks to a little witchery there). Finally it was time for her to go. She was bad that night, I knew she was getting ready to pass. She curled up beside me and then I got up. She crawled up in my arms and passed away. I never wanted to take her to a vet and don’t believe I could have. But her passing in my arms had a horrible effect on me. I can’t even begin to explain it. To see my beautiful, precious baby leave this world was something to this day I have a hard time talking about. But as far as having a ceremony to call your familiar that has passed, I don’t see why not. I believe I ran across a ritual to call them on Samhain. I will check to see if I am correct. The way I look at Samhain is it is not only a night to honor our ancestors but also a night to honor all of our loved ones who have passed. But back to you and me thinking a like, I was thinking about calling Kiki Samhain night. She has visited before. I will warn you it is wonderful to see them but it is even harder to see them go. I will check on that ritual for you.


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