Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Monday Morn’! May The Goddess Bless You Today & Always!

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Evil never wins.

It will always be defeated, but there will be casualties.

I look to the Goddess and see her standing besides me.

I find the power which is mine

I raise my sword and defeat the face of evil with the hands of
the Goddess.

She will keep me safe.

For I am her daughter forever.

I gather my Sisters close to me

I gather the strength of the Witches from the past

I gather the animals around me

My prayer begins:

I stand before the Goddess under this full moon. I seize the power of the moon in my hands. I bring the children to my side. The Goddess sends her light to me. My family shows the love that we have for each other. May the Goddess send you her power.
May those around us feel the joy that we bring to
the circle. May prosperity fill our lives.

As her daughters we show our love for Mother Earth daily. She shows respect for all that is alive. We pray for those who live in fear to find safety. We pray for those who live in pain to find compassion. We pray for those in cages to run free. See how the birds fly free in our skies. See how the animals roam free. May their days be long.

I send our power to the four corners. I send our wishes to all. Bless the children.

Bless our families. Bless the animals.

But most … Blessings to all.


–A Witch’s Prayerbook
JoAnne Spiese

3 thoughts on “Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Monday Morn’! May The Goddess Bless You Today & Always!

  1. greetings Lady,
    i luv the prayer!, but, (& there always is one), is there a masculine prayer similar to it?…cannot men be Witches? can they not worship the Moon? or Brigit?…
    don’t want to start any s**t, just wonderin’…please don’t be offended…


    1. Good Morning Janet. It is wonderful to see you today. I am glad you liked the poem. I have to admit it did touch my heart. I hope you have a very beautiful Monday and a very blessed week to come.
      Lady A


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