Good Tuesday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

good morning my friends ::: guten morgen meine freunde

Good Tuesday Morning, brothers & sisters of the Craft. I hope you are having a very beautiful Tuesday morning. I want to start by apologizing for yesterday. The posts being so short, I mean. I had worked all weekend redesigning our store. I am sure most of you know with teenage boys around, that is hard to do during the day. I stayed up Saturday night and Sunday night. Then when it came time for work, I got in my nice peaceful office and went right straight to sleep. I am really surprised you did see “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” going across the screen. Yesterday, was my fault and I apologize. Today is short because I have to take Jacob to the doctor to see if we can finally get the cast off his arm. But that is not what I wanted to talk to you about.


What I want to talk about was the letter I wrote to Tucker Carlson. I was surprised that I received some heat from our very own community. I don’t know why I should have been, it seems there are always those waiting in the shadows to jump. The only problem I jump back and I say what is on my mind. I believe that is what keeps me in more hot water than anything, my mouth overrides my ass at times.

I received a few comments in regards my mentioning Brett Kavanaugh. For those of you who brought that topic up, you didn’t catch the jest of what my letter was about. I did mention him because he was one of the intended victims of the group “hex-in.” A few told me, “if you believe he is innocent, then I can’t follow you anymore.” Everyone has their own opinions, I believe we still live in a country were we have that right. I never saw any credible proof that he was guilty. Did you? I used this example yesterday:

I go before the local law enforcement and I tell them you committed murder. I have no evidence only my word and the local sheriff believes me. He comes to your house and arrests you. He then locks you up in the jail. Remember only on my word, I have no proof and can’t even remember when the murder happened or who it happened too, but they believe me. You are then sentenced to life in prison. Again, only on my word, no proof. You are going to sit behind bars for the rest of your life, just on my word. You were automatically assumed guilty because I said so. Does that sound like a bum deal or a smear campaign against you. I think it does. Where is the presumed innocent until proven guilty go that our legal system was founded on. Must have went out the door. Oh, well that will give you something to think about while you rotten in jail on my word alone.

I sincerely hope and pray that I still live in a country were you are presumed innocent until you are proven guilty. That is not what was done in the Kavanaugh case. The letter came forth and before anyone knew who even wrote the letter, he was guilty. Not the way it is suppose to work in this country. You are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. Then the burden of proof lies on the prosecutor to prove you are guilty. Again, I never heard any proof of this man being guilty of anything. My opinion is he is innocent until proven guilty. Or do I not have that right anymore? It seems the Left is working to change everything in our country. Did I wake up in the wrong country or has things already changed so much that the presumption of innocence no longer exists in this country. You might want to wake up to what is going on around you and see what is really trying to be done in our country right now.

The next comment I got criticized on was, “who gave you the right to speak for all witches.” Some of them even stated they never heard of the Ordains, the Witches Code of Chivalry or any of the other laws I quotes. Don’t worry you will because we are going to have a refresher course on them this morning instead of the horoscopes. In answer to that question, you gave me the right to speak for all witches. Until you are ready to sit down at your computer or take pen in hand and write to one of the TV stations or newspapers, I have that right. Some want to sit in the dark, keep their mouths shut, while we are being casted in such a negative light. Fine, sit in the dark. But I am not going to sit there with you. We have worked and worked to try to educate the public on the truth about Witchcraft. Now the press, brings out this group of witches who are hex happy and reports on them. Do you not realize that once this group is made public that the entire nation, let alone the world, will see us as just exactly that. I will be the first one to admit I have casted a few hexes in my time but they have never been against anyone who didn’t deserve it. Now to call for a hex-in against people they don’t even know because of some crazy accusations, it is pathetic. If you are going to cast your hexes, then do it in private. Don’t come out and broadcast it to the world. Doing so only makes all of us look bad. It casts a negative light on all of us.

We, the WOTC, have fought for too many years to show the world what witches are truly about. First started out, someone found out I was a witch they automatically assumed I was going to hex their cattle(whether they had cattle or not is another question). But we have fought long and hard to remove the reputation that witches and witchcraft had. The letter I wrote was my own opinion. I gave a general outline of what witchcraft was like. I am a Solitary practitioner and in case you have forgotten what that is, then let me refresh your memory. It gives me the right to pull from other Traditions what I want and what I can use for my benefit. Or has the Left took away that right also? If you don’t like the general outline I gave, then do something about it. Get on that computer, write those letters yourself. Show your side of what witchcraft is all about and what it means to you.

I am a Solitary Practitioner. I have developed my own beliefs and practices over the years. One of those beliefs is to never idly stand by and let witches or the Craft be run through the mud. Not to let witchcraft be used for political gain or influencing others into a negative way of thinking. That is just my views on the topic. You don’t like my views, then get on the computer and write your letters. Until that time, I will not stand by and watch us being casted in such a negative matter. Would you like to go back to the days were they think all witches have green skin, pointed noses and warts? Oh, you’re blowing it out of portion. Am I? Wait to the Left gains power. They have shown that everyone they use to gain influence has gotten burned in the end. Check the record. The poor woman they brought forth to testify against Kavanaugh, where is she at now? Don’t know, do you? They used her and discarded her. They made her a pawn in their own political agenda. They have ruin that woman’s life forever. I have empathy for women who have been raped, abused, or tortured by men. I personally cannot stand for it and I believe there is a special place reserved for them in the Summerlands. I have seen what the Left does to people they convince to come out for them. I don’t want any witch to fall for their fake promises and lies.

If my letter made you angry because I shouldn’t have represented all witches, I won’t apologize. Someone needed to open their mouth and let the general public know that we are not all like that. If you are tired of me speaking for witches in general then next time pick up that pen or get on that computer and write a letter yourself. I will continue to write letters and others here will also. Now are we going to be the only ones that does?


Lady of the Abyss

Had a very wise man one time tell me, “What good does it do if you have 10 members or 10,000 members, if they won’t do anything.” At the time I didn’t think he was that wise, now I know I was wrong. Thanks, Peter.


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    1. Thank you, Janet. It is nice to know you have friends that will stand by you when the going gets rough.
      Have a very beautiful day, sister,
      Lady A


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