Before We Get Started This Morning…..

A quick note before we get this Saturday going. There will be no scheduled chats this morning or any other Saturday morning for a bit. The reason being is because we are switching chatrooms. The chatroom we have now has lots of problems like people getting booted all the time and lose connections to it. Wix’s has come out with its own chatroom and as soon as we have a chance to check out all the details on it, we will be switching to it. So until further announced there will be no more Saturday chats or any other chats till we are able to switch over.

Another thing, we have had several members ask for more divination. We cater to our members. From now on, we will doing strictly divination during the morning posts. We will throw in our usual, witches’ blessings, prayers and magickal tips pages. When you get tired of all divination, let us know and we will begin rotating back and forth between the Witches’ info and the Daily Divination.

That’s it for now……

Lady of the Abyss

Witches of the Craft


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