Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for October 30th

Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for October 30th

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From the Astrology Room


Jupiter and the sun’s plundering influence through secretive Scorpio, will bring new truths into the light of day for some of us.

Others may find they’re losing touch with what they thought was the very romance that kept them high as a kite. But with the full moon in sensual Taurus this week,  we’ll also discover that what we have to give, can often be better than we thought; and we what we receive is also a joy, especially if we look carefully at what’s on offer.



This week, you realize how to break free from assumptions of how you should live your life.  Whether alone or in a twosome, you’re ready for a big adventure. It may take a while to see the results, but now’s the time to start planning your fabulous future.




This week, partners, lovers or even admirers ‘pick up’ on your vibes. Due to the full moon in your own sign, they sense an uncertainty, a frustration, a restless need for anything other than what you have. But the cosmic line-up sows the seeds of fresh possibilities. Your personal renaissance approaches.




Discuss in depth what you want to do with your life, and for goodness sake, before you speak, feel what is true for you; before you agree to anything, check if you really mean it; and before you make any promises, ask yourself what it is you truly desire. If single, the lights are green for a positive new and challenging relationship.




With powerful energy around, it’s hardly surprising you’re restless. If single, how do you fit into a new lover’s world, and do you have to give up your own? Or, does your current partner simply want to move to foreign shores, and do you want to go or stay? This week’s planetary line-up will expose you to a run of interesting options. Take your pick with care.




This week, you will be wishing ‘ oh, anything for an easy life.’ But isn’t passion and romance that what living is all about?  So get moving down the road where you know romance is round the next corner. A road where you don’t have to justify your behaviour to anyone, and where you still can maintain your personal freedom.




The theme of how to make your fortune in love is going to be central to your relationships over the coming months. So, bring out someone’s wild side; nurture their soul as much as you nurture your own. Just don’t let them project their own inadequacies onto you. Right now, it’s very much in your interests to be the star of your own show.




If there’s no theatre in your life, then you don’t feel alive and you can’t love with heart and soul. So throw the odd tantrum or stamp your feet and be challenging, whether in love or not. And very soon, all the romance will fall from the stars, and two worlds truly collide.




Right now, your belief that you must be in control of all aspects of life, doesn’t seem to fit in with the erratic behaviour of others. In fact, the meaning behind this energy, is simply to confirm that you do have feelings, that you’re not immune to them, and they do need expression. This week, don’t listen to your fears, listen to your desires.




It’s hardly surprising you’re feeling restless. For the irritating things that emotions are, keep welling up inside you and it’s time to act.  And even if there is only one small piece of the jigsaw puzzle that falls into place, start to recreate the kind of relationship that works for you. This weeks events will reveal what has to change in your love life to make it complete.




We all over-think, and often messages sent out between two people get taken the wrong way. But this week, you have every reason to start a new dialogue with someone special. You know what you want from here on in. A place where you have more space and time to do your own thing and accept that others can do their own thing too. Trust in love and it will reward you.




It’s an odd sort of week, when you really don’t know what you want. Well, is it to liberate yourself from the chains of commitment and become a free bird, or not? In fact, the adventure you’re about to embark on, whether single or attached, will take you out of yourself into the magical world of romance.




You could blame the planets over the past few weeks for confused thoughts.  Yet there is a positive side to all this, and that’s in your thinking. Very soon the negative will flip to something progressive and upbeat. Very soon, the planets are going to help you attract fortunate events, people and experiences to you.