Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for October 27th

This Weekend’s Love Horoscope

Your love horoscope for the weekend of October 27-29, 2017


Love will be put to the test this weekend, particularly in any relationships that are already on rocky ground… If you or your partner feel simmering tensions start to surface, you can thank Venus’ friction with obsessive Pluto for that. You and your honey might not be so sweet on each other, and find yourselves in a power struggle or exerting manipulative behavior. Any feelings of jealousy or possessiveness could cause you to plummet with insecurity.

But you have a choice here: you can lash out with threats and ultimatums, or you can take advantage of perceptive Mercury’s supportive connection with Pluto, and put more intention into your argument. There is more depth and persuasiveness in what you say now, but not if you let your emotions run the show.

If you can, avoid arguments altogether this weekend by spending some time solo or with close friends, and let these intense energies run their course. The Moon’s in Aquarius all weekend, helping you get by with a little help from your friends, or detach from everyone all together to get the space you need.

If you’re single, new sparks and relationships have the potential to be born this weekend, but be wary of intense attractions. They may not have the solid foundation that you’re really looking for. Don’t be blinded by passion! is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2017