The Witches Digest for Wednesday, October 4th (Part 3, Your Daily Divination)


Your Witches Digest for Wednesday, October 4th

(Part 3, Your Daily Divination)


Energy Report – October 2017

All in all this year is shaping up to be a hot mess. In the last three months alone we have experienced some powerful eclipses and the strongest solar flares in recorded history. Waves of potent cosmic energy have been unleashed adding an explosive force to the incoming energies. This has created a precarious and shifting environment where emotions are being heighted, patience is being tested and generally, this human existence is now rather uncomfortable. All in all this is adding to the apparent chaos and turmoil being experienced in the world today. Of course there is Divine purpose in all of this but it sure ain’t an easy ride at present.

The incoming energy is both unpredictable and volatile intensifying the need for change and transformation both internally and externally. We have reached a point of no return as the foundational energies of the entire solar system, including the Earth, are being dissolved. As a result, the vibrational field of the Earth is changing. Storms, both the physical and the energetic, are sweeping the planet, supporting the dissolution of the old energetic framework and foundation through which our reality was built. The very ground we stand upon is altering thus impacting and rapidly expanding consciousness on the planet.

A deeper awareness of our collective unity is urging us to create a firm connection between the subtle luminous realms of the soul and the tangible material world, which grounds and anchors us to the Earth. Thus every aspect of who we are is being fully activated and the deeper egoic aspects of our human nature are dissipating. As a result, painful emotions, deep-rooted traumas and old karmic patterns have been coming up for healing and release. Feelings of fear, shame, doubt, guilt and denial are being transmuted while long suppressed emotions, neglected grief, pain and suffering are rising to be cleared.

The potent energy of this month brings the start of a significant new life cycle and the end of any disconnection between your inner and outer realities. A new sense of balance is being formed and you are being fully aligned with the New Earth’s energetic structure. Initially, this may feel quite disorientating as a deeper embodiment and a deeper grounding is required to firmly establish yourself in the New Earth reality. Flexibility, adaptability and realignment are important to maintain stability in this unstable environment.

You will find your identity shifting more and more to the soul self as this essence must now guide all your actions, deeds and creations. With this shift, you will be released from old behaviors and rigid patterning. Feelings and emotions may arise as you are freed from old wounds and past traumas. Honor these feelings as they bring profound wisdom for your soul. Remember that painful life experiences are equally as valuable as the happy ones. Learn to embrace your life experiences, the pain and the suffering. Learn to move beyond your personal history and into the enchanted world of your soul.

Being fully present in this process and yet fully immersed in your soul essence enables you to extend yourself beyond the boundaries of the individual self and into the vast regions of your soul. The need for unity of body, mind, heart, spirit and soul will increase bringing an understanding that the unifying power of these aspects must become the primary source and driving force behind all of life. By firmly establishing this unified force within, you are able to better ground the incoming energies into the new energetic structure of the planet. In this way, you stabilize yourself, the forces of nature and thus the unfolding new Earth reality.

Don’t resist the abrupt changes that may suddenly occur in your life. Remember that change is all about the ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing remains fixed. You are always experiencing birth, growth, death and rebirth. Endings and new beginnings are occurring at the same time always. You cannot live in the past. It is time now to move on.

These times of profound transformation and opportunity will expand you in more ways than you could ever imagine. A new awareness, a new purpose and a new sense of direction is arising and with it, a new life filled with the joy and blessings of the New Earth reality. This reality is a sanctuary of universal love. It is motivated by infinite compassion and upheld by the cosmic embrace of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Remember that you have come to this Earth in service to humanity. You are here to fully embrace the path of conscious living and to fulfill your destiny as a reflection of the divinity your carry within.

Manifesting Miracles – October 2017

Hi, my friend,

It’s a blessing for me to connect with you in this way.

After a rocky few days at the beginning of October, this month has the potential to usher in beautiful new gifts and miracles into our lives, so let’s get right to them.

Passion Leads to Miracles

The first week of October will be filled with lots of passion, high and creative energy.

With this much passion and creative energy in the air, it’s important to give it a healthy and productive outlet.

When the energy of passion is fully acknowledged and honored, it has the ability to manifest extraordinary new miracles in our lives.

If passion is not fully acknowledged and honored, the mind tends to internalize it as “anger,” which often leads to blocks and breakdowns in our body, mind, energy field, and experience.

If we do find ourselves feeling angry, viewing it as feedback that can help us redirect our focus to honor the passion within us that desires to fully be expressed, will help tremendously.

Passion is one of the main ingredients that helps us to manifest miracles in our lives.

Passion is a palpable energy that can actually be felt in the body. When passion is expressed physically in a sensual way, it has the power to actually heal and rejuvenate the body. When passion is expressed emotionally in a sensual way, it takes the feeling of well-being to a whole new and expanded level.

If we are someone who has an illness or other imbalance in the body and emotions, opening ourselves up to being more sensual will assist us tremendously.

Being sensual is often a challenge for many people, especially those who are sensitive to energy. The mind often views sensuality as something that requires vulnerability, which it equates with being weak and exposed to judgment, disappointment, or a hurt of some kind.

These misconceptions around sensuality have taught us to create an energetic armor around ourselves that keeps us safe, or what our mind believes is safe.

Yet one of the boldest and most courageous things we can do in today’s world is to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable simply means we allow ourselves to be open and available to ourselves and others.

When someone wears a self-protective armor for long periods of time, they become stiff and rigid.

This kind of rigidity of the mind and body ultimately leads to feelings of disconnect from our Spirit.

The remedy for a rigid, overly self-protective mind and body, is love.

We experience sensuality when we are able to fully express love through our sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Once these senses are activated, our inner senses are then able to awaken and strengthen the mind and body’s connection to our Spirit. This is when we are able to notice, feel, and receive the miracle of life available to us daily.

Our Spirit has and will only ever know love, joy, wholeness, freedom, beauty, abundance, well-being. Anything less is simply not coming from our Spirit.

With this awareness, take a moment to reflect on allowing yourself to experience sensuality.

Knowing all that we know now, are we willing to work with the energy of sensuality to help heal the parts of us that have forgotten how to give and receive love?

Because if we are ready to heal, the next few weeks are offering us the opportunity to let go of the armor, and to open ourselves up to the miracles of life.

Here are some suggestions to help us become more sensual so that we can be open to all the blessings our Spirit desires to give us:

• Taking a warm bath (adding our favorite essential oils)
• Listening to soothing music that feels good to our Soul
• Receiving a massage or experiencing some kind of soothing/healing physical touch
• Writing/journaling a romantic letter to ourselves, and then to a romantic partner (if we are in relationship)
• Expressing ourselves through art (playing music, painting, drawing, dancing, pottery making)

There are many ways to awaken and express your sensuality and passion, so let this list simply be a starting point for you.

A Call to Action

The second and third week of October will be all about taking action.

This will be a great time to come up with or revise an action plan to help us manifest more of our desires.

We will feel highly productive, so it’s important to not allow ourselves to get distracted by anything that might move us out of that productivity. If we remain steadfast, we will accomplish many things during this time.

We will also want to keep a journal close to us around this time, to write down the insights and ideas we receive from the cosmic realms.

This will be a time where we begin receiving energetic downloads that will inspire us to see things from a more expanded perspective. Things we may not have noticed before will now come to light in a big way.

This is also the time to keep our eyes, heart, and mind open to the unexpected.

The energy of surprise will be strong, specifically around the time of the New Moon on October 19, so any time between the 17th to the 24th will be ripe for some kind of surprise to show up.

Strengthening Our Intuitive Gifts

The final week of October will offer us a time to go within and start developing our intuitive gifts even more.

Developing our natural intuitive gifts will allow us to view things from a much more expanded perspective.

As we develop our intuitive gifts, we may also start to notice energy more. This can show up as seeing the auras around people, animals, and things in nature.

We may notice that we can feel energy more. This can show up as goosebumps in the body, or warmth in the hands, feet, back of the neck, face, or stomach.

We may also notice number sequences more, such as the clock reading 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. This often happens to help us realize a synchronicity that is going on around us.

We may notice energy balls of blue, pink, white, or golden light in our peripheral vision.

We may also see sparks (like mini shooting stars). This happens to remind us to pay attention to what’s happening around us in that moment. There’s usually a message or confirmation trying to reveal itself.

Our ability to connect with and hear our intuition will become easier.

We may notice an awakening of new or old desires to learn more about healing and energy therapies.

We may notice a desire to help and support others coming through even more clearly.

All of these gifts, and much more, are already within each of us.

There are periods of time that are more conducive to helping us develop these gifts, and the end of October ushers in one of those times.

So, if there’s a class, course, new book, group, or personal practice you feel drawn to, this will be an excellent time to immerse yourself in it!

Overall, October will be gentler energetically then the past several months have been.

As always, make sure to nurture and take good care of yourself.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Awesome October is here! Such a sweet energy is bestowed on us this month. The themes are Love, Beauty & Balance. After the whirlwind go-go-go energy of September now is your time to restore your body and mind, as you focus on relationships.

In this forecast video, I share with you the many ways you can maintain balance and harmony in your relationships and life, so you can have a truly beautiful rest of your year. Enjoy and share the love.

Your Monthly Horoscopes for October

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

The Astrology Room


ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

The past is full of unanswered questions. Let them go and embrace the future. You have the power to shape your life to your true dreams and desires. Now you just have to find out what they are my friend. Someone you did not think you would like dealing with in business turns out to be your perfect match.


TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Time spent going over all that happened in the last two months can help you to let go of some of the guilt which has built up. Let go of your worries and grab hold of the constructive influences your stars are offering to you instead. Past and present mix perfectly from Tuesday, take advantage of this.


GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

There is a more balanced feel to your chart than we have seen in some time. This has a lot to do with how much more accommodating you are to the third parties who affect your life. Careful this weekend, it is going to be all too easy for you to be led astray. Know how far is too far for a sign such as you to go. An important relationship depends on this.


CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

Family matters have proved more stressful than usual to deal with. You may feel like cutting down on time with certain faces for fear they are going to bring you down further. Confronting them is the answer to you feeling in control. Stand tall and strong and be the best version of you. Doing so can help you form several new and lasting friendships.


LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

The best friends (and lovers) are the ones who love you just as you are, whatever your situation. Travel plans are approaching which make your future a more interesting place to be. Don’t fight what your heart is telling you this week. Honesty is the key to you finding lasting happiness.


VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

You have to believe in yourself and your dreams or they cannot become a reality. You start to see with ease who is on your side and who has been secretly working against you from Monday. Distancing yourself from those who have not been the allies they seem can do wonders for your confidence. Being on time for all meetings, both personal and professional, will put you back in the driving seat in life.


LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

When one door closes, another opens, but sometimes we look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see our new path. Take time out to listen to what those around you are trying to say. They are only speaking with your best interests at heart. Chance encounters on Sunday prove memorable.


SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Your jealousy about a certain person or situation could well become a problem if you are not careful. Take a step back my friend and look at the bigger picture. You will soon see that events this month have proved you are a priority to those on your mind. You just couldn’t see for looking!


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

You’ll only know with hindsight if a decision was right or wrong. If you can’t decide on something this week then take the risk and do it anyway. Follow your heart Sagittarius and you will find that you will make the right choices. Phone calls you didn’t expect to receive help you make sense of a recent social drama.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Why do you keep trying to rush forward to the future when there is so much to appreciate today? Stop Capricorn and look around. Decide that from here on in you will see only those things which are positive in your life. The bad can wait for another day, or can be pushed to the side permanently.


AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

There is a really social feel to your chart. You just need to make up your mind sooner rather than later what and who you want to be your priority. Children are of special significance and should be responsible for some good news before Friday. In fact, the very things you thought weren’t going to work out in your life can and will.


PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

Try not to tell tales on new friends or you will ruin the chance of your union going any further. Showing pride in your work can attract powerful faces into your life. You start to see what needs to be done to get the family to work as more of a team. This is a great week for you to take tests, go for job interviews and tie up professional loose ends.

Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, October 4th

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

The Astrology Room


ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
The planets line up to hand you the gift of insight. You start to feel more in tune with who’s good for your life and who’s been leading you up a very windy garden path. Being nice to younger faces today brings you total honesty.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
Letting go of the past pays dividends and you start to focus on what is possible for your future. Because of the influence of two characters, one personal and one professional, you begin to believe in yourself again.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
Your social life is looking better by the day. You have so much to give to those around you. One of the best characteristics you have but have not been using is your sense of humour. It can and will carry you through todays antics.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
Don’t tell lies as even white ones will come back on you. Try to stick to the facts. They are what will give you the will, drive and inspiration to be the best version of yourself my friend.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
The written word could lose or make you money, depending on how far you’re willing to go to save face or make peace. Stick to truths. If it doesn’t get someone on side now, it will by the end of this month.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
Your social life comes under the spotlight and you are faced with the chance to mix with a new and alternative set of friends. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s the real you that’s attracted them and can make them stay in your life.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)
Try to look at the bigger picture Libra, stop trying to read in between the lines. You’ll feel like a better person if you do. News from far away gives you reason to want to plan an important journey for later this year.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
You start to see which path is right for you and which one was totally wrong for you! It’s not your fault, but you’ve been easily led astray in recent weeks. The stars line up to change that from today.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
Your element of fire helps you to make quick decisions which is handy as time is limited today. Don’t listen to what others say, but instead trust your own heart and steer yourself in the direction you choose.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
Try to be careful how much of other’s lives you reveal. News you think is common knowledge could in fact be anything but! Travel you make in the name of work pays dividends, even if it means paying for it yourself.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
If you attempted to do even half the things you are capable of, you would astound yourself Aquarius. Use today to think ‘outside the box.’ It’s the key to you moving on from what went wrong last week.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
You seem to have lost control of your career, or could it be that you have given others control of your work options Pisces? Fresh inspiration comes with alternative faces you meet through last minute work offers.

If You Were Born on Wednesday, October 4th

Overall a responsible and practical person, you are not, however, a stick in the mud. Your interests are many and varied, and you are skilled at presenting your ideas to others in a unique way. You are both an interesting and interested person, always learning, ever curious, but also rather stubborn when it comes to your ideas and opinions. Under pressure, you might feel the need to make up stories, as your reputation is important to you, and you instinctively fear misrepresentation. Your slow yet steady approach to achieving your goals assures your success, even if it doesn’t come early. Your ideas are ahead of their time, and others tend to respect your advice.

Famous people born today: Charlton Heston, Jackie Collins, Anne Rice, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Rachael Leigh Cook, Buster Keaton.

Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, October 5th

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

The Astrology Room

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
You’re trying to change, but the thing people love most about you is your individuality Aries! Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but embrace who you are. It’s the key to you feeling the best version of you.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
There is a distance you have placed between yourself and a loved one. You need to ask yourself if this is something you have forced them to do, or something they have done without reason? Aspects suggest you need to both meet in the middle.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
As Helen Keller once said, ‘Optimism is the faith which leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’ Thinking you can will ensure you achieve your aims today and will also give you the upper hand with that negative influence.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
Today it no longer feels as if you are faced by limitations. In fact, all you see now are new possibilities and the chance to test your abilities. You can and will rise to the challenge.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
Try to keep the news you hear from others to yourself today. You don’t want to rain on their parade and take away their moment of glory, do you? Forging ahead with an independent career idea is where your time and energy is best spent.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
Confidence is your superpower, so use it well my friend. If you can believe in where you’re going and what you want, then you will have what it takes to make the impossible possible this month.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)
You may not realise it, but you have conquered so many challenges since the beginning of the year. Have faith in where you’re going my friend. This is one month where anything you want is within your grasp.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
I can see you’re really tired with your situation, but we need to ask what you are going to do about that, don’t we Scorpio? New ambitions link to travel and can make your life the most interesting it has ever been.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
Confidence is the sexiest thing to have and it is the key to you realising you are more than capable of making the best of your life. What went wrong last month was actually a blessing in disguise, Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
Teaching and education come to the fore. If you were thinking of learning something you have never done before then this is the perfect month to sign up for it. A financial ‘issue’ doesn’t have to be a problem if you ask for help today.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
Gambles in love are well worth taking today. They have the ability to help you turn an ordinary year into an extraordinary one. News from far away makes you realise you’ve left it far too long to touch base with someone important.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
You haven’t been feeling as strong as you should, but I also see that you have been allowing those around you to take advantage of you. Stand tall and stand up for yourself today. It will grant you the respect you crave.

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