Good Wednesday Morning, dear brothers & sisters of The Craft!

I would like to thank you for your continued support and prayers as we  try to cope with our loss. I know you might get tired of hearing about it and I apologize. Mystie, as you know by know, we grew up together and she and I were closer than my blood sister. It will take time but with your continued prayers we will get there.

The boys wanted me to thank you for continuing to help save them from the crazy witch with the fishing rod and rifle. Since everything happened and our grocery supply had been running low, we have been fishing and hunting for our food. They now run and hide every time I say, “let’s go, guys!” I can’t believe Mystie never taught these guys to hunt or fish. Of course, a person can only eat so much fish, squirrel and rabbit. One of them asked me the other day, if there wasn’t a store around here some where. I told them that took money and right now, we had to do the best we could. Thank the Goddess, my daddy thought I was a boy!

If you would like to help save the boys from the wild witch with the fishing pole and rifle, you still can. I know they would appreciate it.



Our heartfelt thank you’s go out to…




Lady Beltane




You can never realize what your love and support means to us when it seems our world has come to an end. Thank you is not enough, my friends.


Oh and Lady Beltane, I know you read all my posts here recently and I am getting your messages. It seems you always call when we are out in the woods trying to catch supper. Then if we do get lucky, we have to clean it and then cook it. That takes a couple of hours, so by that time the boys are gnawing on the nearest tree. We are doing good, it is just a major adjustment for me having kids underfoot. I hope you understand and thank you, sis. As soon as things calm down, I will call I promise.

Love ya,



Now give me a minute and I will get today’s info together. I  received a new suggestions and am going to give it a try .

Till Then……

Love ya,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “Good Wednesday Morning, dear brothers & sisters of The Craft!

  1. Hi A and family. I too am gland I can fish and hunt! Wish I could come down there to at least help dress and clean them. Is it deer or duck season? I’m a fairly decent shot. Wish I had away down there to be able to help out more.
    Love comfort and peacefullness,


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