Divine Mother, Almighty Mother, we pray for the victims of the Vegas shootings

Divine Mother, Almighty Mother, we pray for the victims of the Vegas shootings and others in their circle of family and friends who are grieving…

They’re hurting for many reasons, and we ask You to help them through this season of loss. We reach out to You, Our Divine Mother of compassion and our Source of every comfort, asking You to touch them with Your unfailing love and kindness. Comfort them as they’re going through their grief, give them hope and courage in the days to come.

For the days ahead will be difficult and filled with much pain. We ask Almighty Goddess that You put Your Mighty Arms around them and give them comfort and peace. Remind them that their loved ones are now in a better place. Remind them of your eternal promise to us all that we will be reunited one glorious days.

Till that day, Almighty Goddess, be with us all. In our moments of weakness, in the moments we can’t go on, let us feel your presence. Give us Your Love, Comfort & Peace for the dark days ahead. Give us the will to go on when it seems impossible to do so.

Almighty Goddess bless all of us who are grieving. Let us feel Your Divine Presence, now, when we need you most. Bless not only us but also our world. Bring peace and humanity back to our world. Fill those who have hatred in their heart for their fellow man into love. Let them lay down their guns and realize the value of life.

Please, Divine Mother, bring peace to our world so no one else has to suffer their loss of a loved one ever again to violence.

With You, Almighty Mother, all things are possible. You give us Your Love, Your Blessings and through You all things are possible. Mother, we now ask that you heal your children and bring peace to our world.

So Mote It Be