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The Protection Ritual – Personal Protection

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The Protection Ritual


In the morning, make protective ritual to be in safety all day. Take in the right hand a knife or a long needle. Stand the face to the east. Draw an imaginary cross in a circle by point of the knife in air directly before you. Imagine how your internal energy is transferred to the blade of the knife, how it escapes from the knife point (as an electrical discharge) and creates in space before you the vision of a fiery figure — the color of the flickering circle-cross should be spectral blue like burning of alcohol or gas. Necessarily feel material presence of the figure at that place where you have created it. The vision (the imagination) of this figure should be so visible that at times it seems to you that you can touch it, feel its cold flame and a density of power making it. It is very important that you will keep these sensations in future. Surround yourself with these circle-crosses on all four sides. Turn to the right, and standing face to the south, draw the second figure. Again turn to the right, draw by the knife one more cross, and circle. The fourth figure must be formed in northern space. In addition to that, draw cross and circle above you. During all day, you should feel a presence of these figures. It is not necessary to see them, enough to know that around you there is an insuperable barrier for all dark forces and negative influences.

The Child Protection – Personal Protection

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The Child Protection


If a child is small, it is not very good to use for his (or her) protection any personal talismans which contain any magical and cabbalistic symbols. In this case, it is the best way to make “natural talismans” which will protect all baby room and a cradle.


For protection of a child from the Evil Eye, put three bay leaves in a cradle under mattress and fasten red ribbons to a cradle — the number of the ribbons should be odd. You also can put an old key under a cradle or fasten a little hand bell to it.


A bundling of swaddling clothes with the color ribbon (blue for a boy or pink for a girl) not only for appearance and increase of reliability of swaddling. First of all, it is a way of protection of a biofield of a baby. Recollect the magical circle that is necessary for protection. And here, a color ribbon also creates an isolation of space and plays the role of a protective barrier.


In order to a child was not scared with nightmares and spooks, scatter salt around a cradle so that it has formed the closed circle. Instead of a salt circle, you can surround a cradle with a white rope or draw a circle by a white chalk on a floor. Pay attention to a position of a cradle in a baby room. Very important that it stood lengthways of battens and not placed directly under a ceiling beam.


Since ancient times children’s rattles have used for deterrence of malicious spirits and phantoms.

The Double Mirror – Personal Protection

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The Double Mirror


Obtain the custom-made round bilateral pocket mirror with 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter. Place this mirror in a small black leather pouch. Carry this amulet on a neck or in pocket near to the heart. This double mirror not only will protect you from hexes and the Evil Eye, but also from many negative emerges of natural kind.

The Rowan Cross – Personal Protection

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The Rowan Cross


On Friday morning, pick two small twigs from rowan-tree. Lay these twigs cross-wise and tie them together with a red thread. Doing this, say the wards:

This cross for protection

Against creatures of this and other world,

Against alive and against dead,

Against their evil thoughts and malicious acts.

Attach a red lace to the rowan cross and carry this amulet on our neck.


The Safety Pin – Personal Protection

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The Safety Pin


Obtain a safety pin. Fasten it on your clothes in the area of the heart or the solar plexus. Carry this charm secretly so that other people could not see it. Each evening unfasten the pin and pay attention on its needlepoint. If you will notice that it has changed the color, become dark blue or black, it is the signal of that on you was made a magical influence and that this influence was stopped by the needle. In this case, spit three times, one time forward and twice back — over the left and the right shoulder. After that, bury the pin in a ground. It is important bury the pin with open needle so that all accumulated in it negative energies could easily flow in the ground. Buy a new safety pin and use it in the same way. If the color of the needle for day has not changed, open the pin and leave it so overnight. In the morning, fasten it on your clothes again.


This simple, but very effective method is capable to protect from very many kinds of malevolent magic directed on a destruction of a biofield of a person and a producing of various diseases.

Magical Implements

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Magical Implements


Certainly, you can acquire various magical implements as required, but the best of all would be provided with them beforehand. Here is the short list of necessary things. Colored candles. A pen or a thin brush for drawing of magical symbols. A pencil. A drawing paper and a cardboard. A scissors, needles and colored threads. Small plates and cups. Vessels with plugs for magical potions, herbs and granular substances. Sugar, salt, black pepper, herbs and essential oils. Bones of animals and feathers of birds. All these things must be purchased only on the waxing moon; it is desirable on Thursday or on Wednesday.


All magic implements must be cleared by fire and water. For that, hold a cleaning thing above a flame of a white candle so that warm streams of air take away all unnecessary energy and information belonging to this object. Then put it in running water — in a spring or brook, or simply place it under stream of cold water in a washbowl. What can be spoiled by water must be exposed longer fiery cleaning without water influence at all. Anyway, hold a cleaning thing above the flame highly enough so that fire could not spoil it.


Keep all your magical implements in one secret place and use them only in the magical purposes. Having made or bought once any magical implement, do not try to replace it constantly by other new thing — do it only when they have full used up or broken.

The Place of Magic

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The Place of Magic


By ancient traditions, magic should be made at specific places such as a crossroads, an open country, a top of a hill, a ruinous church, an uninhabited house, or a bath-house. Many spells and rituals are made in a kitchen (near a fireplace or a stove), a cellar, or a garret room. Wherever you make magic, remember the following rules.


Beginning your magic, determine the place for a performance of a ritual. The main condition is a preservation of secrecy. Nobody must prevent you. Nobody must know about your magic. Certainly, other people can know that you have a magic practice, but they must not guess about your real actions.


For a designation of your magical space, create a magic circle. You can use for this purpose a long white rope, by which delimit the external world and the world of your magical transformations. Instead of the rope, you can draw a circle on a floor by chalk. Create in your mind an imagined circle — an energy wall that separates you from the external world. The magic circle is necessary for isolation and an increase of a saturation of the space with magical emanations. Inside the circle, laws of physics not always those to which we have got used. Here, the space and the time are subject to refraction — the future not always is a continuation of the past, and the present lives according to laws of the other world. The closer to circle centre, the stronger these anomalies. Therefore, your main magical place is an altar always should be in the middle of the magic circle.


As the altar you can use a small square table or a stool sheeted with a dark red or black fabric. The altar plays a role of the centre of a concentration of the influences necessary to your magic. Besides, it is considered as the reduced copy of the Universe where all forces and influences of world are collected.


On the altar are placed all magical tools and implements using by you during a ritual.

The Time of Magic

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The Time of Magic


One of the main laws of mysticism and daily life is “for each thing or event there are the defined place and the time”. Different actions have the bigger or smaller efficiency in different seasons of year. Magical rituals also have the bigger productivity in the specific periods. Therefore, in order to your magic would be really effective, it is necessary to coordinate it with indications of earthly and celestial clocks.


It is considered that all kinds of beneficial magic should be made on the waxing moon, and destructive forces are in the competence of the waning moon.


Besides the moon cycles, there is the daily magic schedule — each day of week is under the auspices of one of the seven planets and Old Gods. Individual interaction of the planets with the Earth’s biofield enables to get the greater success in magic in the definite time interval. Different Old Gods have different influences upon life of people and an appealing to them at an appointed day (day when they have the most authorities) gives more chances that your words will be heard. So if your magic have concern with money and a receiving of material benefits, it will be more successfully on Wednesday than on Monday. For love magic, Friday is intended and Saturday fits for it least of all. Here is the conformity between the days and universal influences.


Sunday is day of the Sun. On this day, the Sun is Lord in the sky and on the Earth, and it can give all its greatness and authority to the one who will make a request. The Sun is a star of kings and grand people and it gives popularity, force, riches and glory. The Sun grants light and warmth, moves heavenly bodies, makes a change of day and night, seasons, years and centuries. The Sun gives blessings, riches, happiness and prosperity. Also, The Sun patronizes weddings. On this day, you can make rituals for successful purchase and sale, attraction of money, career, leadership, for any high aims, happiness, confidence, composure, persuasion and patience, for male sexuality, physical and mental strength. Also could say that on Sunday any magic is possible if only it does not contradict your internal foundations and rules.


Monday is day of the planet Moon. The Moon is the female planet, therefore, it most of all is responsible for a state of female health and fertility. Monday is intended for all kinds of magic connected to spiritism, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Rituals of this day for getting of female energy, normalization of personal cycles and internal processes, for development of mental capacity, for home and hearth, for cancellation and neutralization of any magic, for lesbian and homosexual love. The Moon also takes care of sprouts and the future crop, therefore this day successful for any magic connected with sowing and planting.


Tuesday is day of the planet Mars. On this day, there are completely various influences. On the one hand, militant Mars brings destruction and this influence can be use for malicious magic. On the other hand, the power of this planet is very useful in affairs demanding perseverance and resoluteness — when it is necessary to resist to enemies and to have an advantage over them. Today, you can make rituals for stamina, courage, independence, leadership, competition, confrontation, struggle and victory, for success in sport, hunt and war, for male sexuality, for elimination of negative influences, return of black energy and punishment of an offender.


Wednesday is day of the planet Mercury. The Mercury is very dynamic planet that is responsible for business and money. On this day, magic rituals are successful for travel, getting approbation, homosexual love, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Mercury is a patron of traders, cattle-breeders, grain-grower, hunters and travelers. All lowest spirits submit to him. Moneymaking bargains, profitable investments, business connections, professional qualities, gambles, study, education and all kinds of art are under protection of Mercury.


Thursday is day of the planet Jove. The Jove is most intellectual planet capable to bring a success in all spheres of your life. Jove is creator of the world. He impregnates the Earth by rains and awakes the nature for life. Jove punishes for defiance of laws. On this day, you should make rituals for prosperity, advantage over rivals and enemies, for success in gambles, legal cases, public affairs, politics, and higher education. Besides, Jove has concern with male sexuality and voluptuousness; therefore, this day is useful for making various love poisons.


Friday is day of the planet Venus. Venus is goddess of the earth and a harvest, mother of winds, the sovereign of the forest world, the patroness of female needlework, the mistress of crossroads of universe. She owns a secret of a passage from this world into the other world. Venus gives an exit from the most hopeless situations, but she reward only who have strength of mind and who not lose hope. Venus is goddess of woman destiny and that is why Friday is the most suitable day for rituals of fulfillment of any woman wishes. The Venus has concern with public work, shopping, gifts, comfort, harmony, and magnificence, female sexuality, emotionality, beauty and attraction. This planet promotes strengthening of friendship, partnership and marriage, removes hatred and gives peace. Any love magic, making in this day, will give beneficial effect.


Saturday is day of the planet Saturn. Saturn is most dark and mystical force. Dark not always means bad. Here, there is the great secret of eternity which people cannot understand completely. Contact with the forces of this planet usually has negative or cognitive character. Venus is the Father God or the Old God. He patronizes old people and parents, gives wisdom and authority, allots lot and blessing. On Saturday, you can make rituals for success in scientific work, for transformation, reorganization, and reforms, for claiming of debts, reminding of obligations, stagnation of business of your competitors, creation and negotiation of obstacles, antidotes for love magic, antidotes for hexes, curses and the evil eye. And of course, this day is suitable for any malevolent black magic.


Being guided by the rule of seven days, you already can have all prospect of success of your magic. But more the success of your magic will be guaranteed, if you make it in the right place.


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As we have already defined, magical work or magical ritual is a creation of mental forms — matrixes of future events — where the building material for these forms is energy of the nature elements (the Fire, the Water, the Earth, and the Air), and the tools for their construction are your Imagination, Faith and Will.


Beginning a magical ritual, enter a particular mental state. Use your Will, Faith and Imagination. During a ritual, imagine those events which your actions must cause. Be completely sure in your right and in your acts. You must trust that the wishful events necessarily will take place in your life. Think about the future as about the existent present.


Making magical actions, you must necessarily see what result they will give. Surround yourself on all time of a magic ritual with images and visions of mystical forces and desirable events. If you use forces of Fire, Water, Moon, Cosmos or other supreme spheres, their images accepting the forms familiar to you or arising from your subconsciousness as symbols and obscure visions, necessarily must be visibly present at your magical space.


Your Will must help your Faith and Imagination, to direct energy in a necessary direction, create the exertion and the discharging of magical space, move material objects and transform the time. The magical Will, like a lens, focuses your emotions and forces in one point and helps to achieve the purpose.


Making magical changes of reality, you will use not only your internal, but also external forces and energies.


As in the physical world for production of various things and objects various materials are necessary, so in the spiritual world for initiation of different events is used power of various qualities. It is considered that the main materials of which are created all objects of the physical world are the four elements of nature: the Earth, the Water, the Fire, and the Air. Aspects of these main forces of nature (their energy) are present at all manifestations of our reality and constantly exert various influences on any sphere of our life. Therefore, correct revealing and use of energy of the four elements of nature will be utterly necessary for who will decide to change the world and oneself.


In our world, there are another secret influences and energies which can be useful for building of a favorable reality. First of all this is energy of the stars and planets — Sun, Moon, Venus, Jove, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. All these planets, as well as Gods in whose honor they were named, patronize the different activity categories of the people. Patronage of Supreme Forces also will be necessary for you to have the reliable protection and the bigger domination over people and a situation.


Having finished magical ritual, hide traces of your secret action.


Continue magic and in other days of your life. Remember that magical actions are not only ritual ceremonial acts, but also daily magic in real life.


Be not afraid of possible insignificant failures and difficulties — going towards big aim, you cannot avoid them. If something has not the result from the first, persistent recurrence or approach to a problem on the other hand necessarily will give you success. Remember much depends on you, on decisions made by you, and on promises given to yourself.


Feel that you have mystical connection with all living on the Earth and existing in infinite Universe. Make your own choice and find out not only the visible world, but also its latent scope.

Spells and Incantations

Spells and Incantations


At the beginning, there was a word. And the word was magic. Yes, indeed, creation of a matter from a void, using only power of words, is a magic work.


A word is a great power. A word can kill or give a new life. In our world by means of words, states are ruled, laws are ratified, wars are begun and ended, marriage promises are made and feelings are expressed. In the real world, we can get various things by entreating favors of our patrons or demanding obedience from our subordinates. But here, we should recollect that the great ones of this world are not the main authority in the universe. There are the more high-ranking ones — the Nature Powers and Old Gods able to grant to us what we want or to take away what we already have. A direct verbal contact with these forces is the oldest kind of magic.


But, certainly, using of common words and expressions will hardly help you to have contact with a power of the universe. Here, it is necessary to use special word formulas which are named magical spells and incantations.


Incantation. This term has several different meanings. The first meaning is an entreaty or a supplication for anything in the name of someone. The second meaning is a bending in your will or a subjection of somebody or something by power of magical words.


The primary kind of incantations is a special speech that are directed to an object on that it is necessary to influence. This influence can be directed on various objects of our world or the beyond, on people, supernatural beings and natural phenomena which are personified — all they are consider as living creatures. Usually, such incantations have form of demands and commands, which are made in a dogmatically imperative tone and into them quite often there are mention of punishment in case of not carrying-out a commands. A formula or a common construction of the incantations is “I order you to make this and that…”.


The other kind of magic word formulas are imploring or beseeching incantations. In this case, magical words are directed not to object of the influence, but to an intermediary — natural forces from which a help is expected. Beseeching incantations can be directed to Old Gods, the Sun, the Moon, stars, nature elements, spirits of ancestors, spirits of house or forest in whose power to decide one or another question. Fairly often, the magical words are accompanied with symbolical sacrifices — food, wine, clothes and different things are burnt, buried, sunk or thrown before a wind as offering for the nature elements. These incantations are constructed as the two-part formula: “I give you… and you will give me”.


Magical spells are “placing of words on” or “uttering on” — magical words are uttered directly on a thing so that a breath touch its surface. In essence, it is a direct transmission of a magical power to an object. Usually, spells are uttered on salt, sugar, food, water, ground, and on things belonging to a person on who it is necessary to influence.


There are spells a basis of which is a comparison or a likening of two objects or events — actual and wishful. A common construction of such spells is “As… so” or “When… then”. Often, a realization of wishful events is compared and connected with time of beginning and ending of various natural phenomena. For example, “When all leaves will have fallen from this tree, the illness will have gone off”. In that way, a natural force responsible for one process is called for help in another affair. Spells of this kind are usually said at time of an action that are similar to one that is wanted to cause — they as if describe and explain an inside meaning of the imitating actions. For example, a wizard lights a candle and says, “I light not a candle. I kindle love. As the flame is hot, so the love will be ardent”.


Also, spells can be uttered without any actions at all. In this case, spells are considered as a substitution of a real action by its description. Anyway, a casting of any spell must necessarily be accompanied by a mental visualization — you must mentally see what you speak and what consequences your words will be have.


So, the power of magic word is boundless: it can control natural elements, prevent or evoke a thunder, a storm, a rains, and a hail, give bumper crop or sterility, increase herds or extirpate them by a plague, grant a happiness, a health, a success to people or distress them, heal a sick man or send illnesses to healthy one, inflame love in heart or cool a passion, inspire a mercy, a gentleness, or an anger and a grudge, give an accuracy to weapon and make a soldier invulnerable to bullets, arrows, and swords, cure wounds and stop blood, turn people into animals, trees, or stones — in short, a magic word can influence on events, change essence of things, subjugate beneficial and malicious forces of the nature to a will of a witch or a wizard.

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Tarot Card of the Day for July 6th is Queen of Coins

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Tarot Card of the Day

July 6, 2017


Queen of Coins











Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, this feminine guardian is endowed with enormous good sense and problem solving energy, but she is not particularly entrepreneurial. She loves to advise, encourage, and empower those she gets involved with, studying their problems with them and setting them up to solve them. Traditionally, she was pictured as the Sibyl or Oracle, perhaps a Tarot reader, who made herself available to people in need, no matter what their social class or situation. In modern times, she will be found educating, healing, managing disaster aid programs or a charitable drive of some sort.

In every case, she does not see the benefits that exist in her life as belonging solely to her. She feels the needs of her people and will spend freely of her time, energy, skills, money to see that nobody is left out. For this, and because she likes to work in an atmosphere of beauty, enjoyment and abundance, she is sometimes accused of being extravagant. But she works hard, and she sees no reason to deny herself the rewards of a job well done. Everyone who comes in contact with her feels enriched by her enjoyment in living.


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What’s Your Power Color?

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What’s Your Power Color?

See which color holds the most powerful energy for you!

Colors carry energy, and certain colors can bring out something in you that makes you truly shine. They can enhance confidence, calm restless energy, empower strength, and so much more. Keep reading to see which color brings out the most powerful traits in YOUR zodiac sign!

Aries color: Red

The color red stirs Aries’ soul and enhances passion, energy, and initiative. It’s the color of excitement and assertion, which supports Aries’ active nature and eagerness for life. Red demands attention — and Aries is a sign that doesn’t like to be ignored. It’s also no surprise that Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, is known as “The Red Planet.” The more shades of red Aries surrounds itself with, the greater their natural powers can be.

Taurus color: Green

Fresh green nurtures Taurus’ spirit and reinforces its connection to nature and growth. Just like the lush pastures the Bull resides in, green represents growth, and Taurus is a sign of absolute progress. The return of green in the springtime — Taurus’ season — further enhances its connection to this sign.

Gemini color: Yellow

Inspiring yellow lifts Gemini’s spirit and triggers curiosity and brilliant thoughts. This inspiring and life-giving color shines through in Gemini’s exciting, upbeat nature. Mimicking the warm Sun, yellow lightens and brightens everything around it. As the color of the mind and the intellect, yellow enhances Gemini’s mental powers and focus.

Cancer color: White and silver

Bright white and silver connect Cancer with its intuition and provide a clean, clear slate. Like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the Moon, silver and white are colors of intuition and purity. They increase Cancer’s sensitivity and understanding, allowing love to flow at its deepest level.

Leo color: Gold

Glistening gold empowers Leo’s warm heart and strengthens its positive spirit. Shining with royalty and class, gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige. So it’s no wonder Leo — the King of the Jungle — is stirred by this expressive hue. Gold gives Leo the attention it wants, and supports its generous nature and warm, optimistic outlook on life.

Virgo color: Green and brown

Classic, natural brown and green keep Virgo grounded and focused on continuous growth. Brown represents stability, and supports the careful and methodical approach the Virgin takes to life. In nature green is the color of growth, and strengthens Virgo’s lifelong plight toward self-improvement.

Libra color: Pink and blue

Airy pink and light blue help to open Libra’s heart and soften its presence. These pale hues bring a calming and likeable presence to Libra’s personality. Symbolizing a cool, subtle breeze, light blue increases clarity and balance, while pink invokes Libra’s sweet and loving nature.

Scorpio color: Black

Dark and mysterious black keeps Scorpio intensely inquisitive and focused on transformation. Black represents the depths where the Scorpion resides, and strengthens its drive to look below the surface and question everything. In western culture the color black is associated with death and rebirth, enhancing Scorpio’s strength of letting go and its ability to transform itself.

Sagittarius color: Purple

As the color of spirituality and awareness, lush purple pushes Sagittarius’ philosophical mind toward enlightenment and openness. Also a color of abundance

Capricorn color: Brown and grey

Earthy grey and brown help Capricorn find the strongest and most practical path to take in life. These strong but neutral colors enhance Capricorn’s solidity, reliability, and traditionalism. A combination of extremes — white and black — grey increases the conservative nature of Capricorn and its no-nonsense approach to life. Brown represents stability, and can greatly benefit the Goat’s steadfast determination as it strives to reach its goals.

Aquarius’ color: Blue

Calming blue helps encourage Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and balance its restless energy. Just like the sky and the waters Aquarius is so closely connected to, blue represents vastness and creates a smooth flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation. Fun fact: Uranus — Aquarius’ ruling planet — is also blue!

Pisces color: Light green

Perfectly pale green brings about healing and renewal and connects Pisces with its subconscious. As the color of life, light green represents renewal and inspiration, encouraging the healing and rejuvenating energies that Pisces is known for.


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Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 7th

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Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 7th



Aries Horoscope

This morning is excellent for negotiations, creative writing, problem-solving, and relationships with love interests, acquaintances, and children, dear Aries. You can be feeling quite confident and hopeful about your projects and relationships. This afternoon, the Moon moves to the top of your solar chart, stimulating a stronger awareness of your goals and performance. However, a Venus-Pluto aspect can promote some tension if you worry too much about these things. This influence can also stimulate insecurities regarding money, relationships, and pleasures. Unresolved problems and fears about others taking over your position can emerge and disrupt your good humor now and again. For best results today, keep a goal in mind and aim to do your best without succumbing to the pressure to do it all right away!


Taurus HoroscopePositive energy continues this morning, dear Taurus, and you can find yourself in good shape for constructive or supportive conversations. Thinking is excellent for finances and domestic concerns, and family life or security matters are strongly on your mind. Things may seem to be falling into place, which is comforting. This afternoon, the Moon moves into your adventure sector. You’re seeking out more spontaneous activity or experiences that expand your mind now. A Venus-Pluto this afternoon pulls up some fear of change or of not being “in the know.” Your needs and wants can be complicated to understand now, or if you do know them, it can be difficult to see a direct path to their fulfillment. There is a stronger desire for comfort and security in your relationships these days, but today you may not be feeling especially able to let down your guard. Aim for moderation and avoid becoming worked up about differences of opinion.



This morning, you are in a fabulous position to connect, collaborate, and cooperate with others, dear Gemini, with your ruler, Mercury, in positive aspect to Venus in your sign. You are framed particularly well in nearly everything you do! The Moon continues to emphasize partnerships and relating until early afternoon, after which you’re inclined to observe and analyze as well as seek out a stronger connection to projects or people. Life becomes a little more intense as the day advances, and emotions can be up and down. Part of you wants just to have some fun and take things lightly, but it can be hard to totally relax because you can’t help but see discrepancies. You may be particularly sensitive to what you see as others’ agendas or motives. Perhaps you’re receiving attention of the unwanted variety, or you’re unsure of whether to take something as a compliment or not.


CancerThis morning, good energy for cooperation with others and problem-solving continues from yesterday, dear Cancer. You’re in an excellent position to think or talk through a problem or to gain clarity about a matter. Pleasant exchanges are likely now, and it’s refreshing! The Moon moves into your partnership sector early afternoon, and you become increasingly invested in your relationships and social life. You seek out companionship. However, interactions are not as flowing later today as they were in the morning. Part of you wants to see the good things, and the other part tends to focus on the darker side or negative possibilities. Choose to rise above this, but give some thought to what’s bothering you. Fears and insecurities may be at the root of all of this. You might also be dealing with the jealousies of someone close to you. Look for ways to make yourself happy that don’t depend on others for the time being.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

This morning continues a theme of cooperation, friendliness, and open conversations, dear Leo. You may gain clarity about a person’s feelings for you or you could thoroughly enjoy a conversation about the future now. The Moon moves from your creative solar fifth house to your work and health sector early afternoon and the mood changes somewhat. You become more focused on your duties. A Venus-Pluto aspect alludes to a possible struggle between dealing with routines and responsibilities and the desire for more time for your social life. The idea that you may be losing ground or missing out if you don’t attend to your work can prevent you from fully relaxing. For some, there can be the jealousies of colleagues or friends to navigate now. Do your best to rise above any mind games people may be playing.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeThe morning’s energies are easygoing with continued themes of cooperation, conversation, and pleasant exchanges. Even though you are keeping some things to yourself and unsure about whether or not you should be sharing certain observations, it’s a mostly good time for harmonizing with the people around you and taking a relaxed, tolerant approach to your life. Clarity about a relationship or project may come now. The Moon moves from your home-focused solar fourth house to your creative fifth house early afternoon, which tends to stimulate your desire to share your feelings or have some fun. Even so, a Venus-Pluto aspect can point to some frustrations if people are trying to control things or playing guilt games with you. Try not to let fears or insecurities take over. Focusing on solving mental problems may be better than trying to attack more emotionally-rooted ones just for now, but don’t ignore your fears, either. In fact, with the Sun and Pluto moving towards an opposition, the more you learn about your insecurities, the better you will be able to rise above frustrations and do what’s right for you. Look for creative outlets for self-expression if this can be managed, as it can be powerful to express yourself creatively now.



This morning is quite excellent for self-expression, social confidence, and improved personal outlook. You’re coming across very well, dear Libra. As the day advances, you’re a little more serious. Inner fears or tensions can begin to emerge, and this can affect your behavior. The areas of life where you worry you don’t have an edge or an upper hand, possibly your home or family life, begin to interfere with personal enjoyment until you deal with them. Since attempting to get your way will not contribute to a feeling of empowerment in the long run, avoid these behaviors as best as possible. Rise above tendencies towards subterfuge, and instead try to address the insecurity or fear behind the desire. The Moon’s move to your home and family sector this afternoon can prompt a more considered approach to your emotions.


Scorpio Horoscope

There continues to be natural energy for expressing yourself and cooperation with others this morning, dear Scorpio. You may get the chance to clarify your position on a matter or get to a friendly agreement with others. This afternoon, the Moon moves into your communications sector, stimulating your desire to connect, learn, and contribute. A Venus-Pluto tense aspect can nag at your fears of not being “in the know” or can lead to tensions with conversations that beat around the bush. Some interactions can degrade into a game of power or righteousness. The desire to have the last word is strong, but not necessarily worth the effort! You’re likely to feel more of this energy tomorrow, so work on identifying the source of frustration now and don’t let it overpower you. Your problem-solving skills are strong, however. While communication mix-ups can be irritating while they’re happening, they may also lead to new insights.


Sagittarius Horoscope

This morning, pairing up with someone can be pleasant and rewarding, dear Sagittarius. This can be a time of increased warmth in a relationship or good conversations and the satisfying sharing of ideas. The Moon continues to transit your sign until the afternoon, after which it moves into your resources sector, and your practical affairs take priority. With a Venus-Pluto influence occurring now, people have a tendency to play mind games or worries of losing footing interfere with healthy interactions. Simple conversations or interactions may end up stirring big feelings now. Differences in values, tastes, or money can be an issue in a relationship. This doesn’t have to be disruptive if you find ways to direct these emotions appropriately. You can also gain a new understanding of what you truly value now.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon continues to move through your privacy sector until the afternoon when it enters your sign, dear Capricorn, and feelings you’ve kept at bay demand attention! This morning is quiet but holds the promise of pleasant interactions and discoveries. A smooth, easygoing approach to others and your work yields the best results now. As the day advances, you can have some difficulties keeping things running smoothly and naturally. Interactions can be tricky, particularly with people you work with or in relationships that naturally have an imbalance of power (such as client-patient, employer-employee, teacher-student), and these connections are figuring strongly for you these days. There may not appear to be a direct route to getting what you want, so the temptation is to try to maneuver things to go your way instead. Avoid mind games that will either backfire or leave you feeling unfulfilled.



In the first half of the day, good energy for connecting with others and cooperating or meeting new people continues since yesterday, dear Aquarius. As the day advances, the Moon moves into your privacy sector, and you seek out some downtime. As well, a Venus-Pluto aspect points to some feelings that you can’t get what you want by taking a direct route so that manipulation may be a temptation. Maneuvering things to go your way is sometimes useful, but today it may not work in your favor. Part of you wants to throw yourself into new experiences with Venus in your creative sector, and another is a little worried about doing so, perhaps due to financial or security issues. Try not to make life more complicated than it already is. Consider that you may be making more of a situation than it warrants, which stresses you out unnecessarily.



This morning, good energy for solving problems and relating well with others continues, dear Pisces. Conversations can be helpful. With the Moon moving into your social sector this afternoon, you tend to seek out ways to nurture your sense of belonging or feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. You need a break from competition, but with a Venus-Pluto challenge this afternoon, you may have a hard time relaxing enough to fully enjoy yourself. You might suspect a hidden agenda in your interactions with others when you’d prefer to communicate with more sincerity. While you may want to stick close to home, insecurities can have you feeling you need to be around friends. Aim to let go of your fears as much as possible, but give yourself some time to explore your feelings before pushing forward. More of this energy is likely tomorrow, so pay close attention to your feelings now so you can bring them into the light rather than let them work quietly against you!



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If You Were Born Today, July 6

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If You Were Born Today, July 6:

You are passionate, proud, and highly sensitive, although this is not always immediately obvious. Seeking to balance your emotions is the major key to success in life, as is learning to let go and move forward. You are excellent at networking, but you are also moody – extroverted one day and introverted the next. You have family connections and support, and you can be quite a collector, as you are both sentimental and intrigued with history. You are good at big-picture thinking as well as tending to details. Famous people born today: Merv Griffin, Janet Leigh, Sylvester Stallone, Curtis Jackson, Della Reese.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

Neptune transits in harmony with your Sun throughout your birthday year, enhancing your creativity. A higher purpose to your life is what you seek during this period, and you rely more heavily upon your intuition in order to achieve it. You could find that your intuition is subtly enhanced and that you’re often in the right place at the right time, probably because your hunches are more likely to be correct. You tune into your imaginative and artistic side. This is a good year for self-improvement programs or efforts. The need to “get away from it all” to find some peace and quiet now and again will be strong. A more sensitive – even mysterious -persona is projected this year, and this can attract pleasantly unusual circumstances (and people) into your life.There is added charm in the way you present your ideas this year, certainly helping to smooth over differences in your personal relationships. You express yourself more imaginatively. Something big is in the works regarding your love life. You’ll have a chance to heal old wounds with regards to love this year. You’re also bound to find new ways of making money.

You also benefit from a harmonious Jupiter transit this year. Under this influence, you have a stronger than usual desire to improve, grow, and learn. This is a fortunate aspect that helps boost optimism and confidence, and you are able to attract fortunate circumstances into your life as a result. Problems are easier to resolve. Matters related to universities, higher education, organized religion, publishing, legal affairs, and foreign interests can be especially strong. It’s a favorable time to further your education, travel, or otherwise expand your personal horizons. You are likely to enjoy a larger perspective on matters that keeps you from getting lost in details or overly frustrated by everyday stresses.

There is added charm to the way you present your ideas this year, certainly helping to smooth over differences in your personal relationships. You are not only more diplomatic but you express yourself more creatively. It’s easier than usual to find satisfying channels for expressing yourself, and friendship opportunities open up. Love may be found through learning pursuits. Your communications — what you say and how you say it — help draw positive attention, good circumstances, and things you want into your life. Artistic or literary skills increase or are in stronger focus. You are talented at turning around a difficult situation and can excel at mediating, negotiating, liaising, and coming to mutually beneficial agreements this year.

Your mind is working at top speed this year. This means you can get a whole lot done, but at times you can feel quite scattered or misunderstood. Routine matters or monotonous tasks can be hard to take because learning new things is your passion this year, not recycling old ideas or performing repetitive processes.

Something big is in the works regarding your love life. You’ll have a chance to heal old wounds with regards to love this year — you might patch things up with someone or get to a greater understanding of your own needs. You’re also bound to find new ways of making money or doing business that benefit you.

There can be some blocks and frustrations when it comes to going after what you want at times this year. Pushing too hard to get your way can backfire. Avoid taking extreme measures to make things happen your way, and avoid people who might be doing same. Deliberately trying to maneuver things in order to get the upper hand will be a lesson in frustration. It’s important to avoid power games with others which can be all too easy to become a part of this year. Look for healthy ways to release frustrations.

While your energy and vitality fluctuate this year, good energy is with you for productivity during the higher energy periods. In fact, you can be extremely determined when you’re motivated. Creativity thrives, and you’re likely to make some changes to your personality or self-expression that enliven your life. Your social or romantic life gets a nice boost. Forgiveness and understanding figure strongly in matters of the heart.


2017 is a Number Five year for you. Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of exploration and freedom. It’s a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It’s a good time to advertise and sell. Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship. Advice – explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, mingle.

2018 will be a Number Six year for you. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It is a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity. You are able to attract others, and material things as well, this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and in the home. Advice – develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.


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Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 6th

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 6th



Aries Horoscope

You’re communicating with more panache now, dear Aries, as Mercury transits your creative sector until the 25th. Your outlook or attitude is particularly positive, outgoing, and refreshing. You express yourself playfully, and your sense of humor is healthy. Ideas flow very well, and your conversations are understood. You’re less likely to put your foot in your mouth during this cycle! Mercury and Venus harmonize now, boosting your romantic and social life and power to communicate pleasingly. This is a great time for communicating with a lover, siblings, and children, or it can be a time when thoughts and conversations often turn to love, recreation, and creative pursuits. Romance, social relations, comfort, and finances are highlighted and in a good state. Approaching people and problems in a relaxed manner works to your favor now.


Taurus HoroscopeFrom now until the 25th, you’ll be seeking out more security and succeeding quite well at it, dear Taurus. This is a time when you don’t mind spending extra money on personal comforts, family, and home. You crave more peace and predictability. There can be a natural and easy flow of communication with family. Thoughts and conversations often turn to memories, childhood, home, financial security, domestic pursuits, crafts, and personal affairs during this cycle. You’re in a good position to work out of your home or in home-related fields. It’s also a good period for researching, writing, finding ideas, and talking about domestic and neighborhood concerns. Today, there can be good news or promising developments with domestic or financial affairs or a nice new purchase to improve home life. You may be expressing your affection through being a good listener.



You’re moving into a livelier period, generally speaking, dear Gemini. With Mercury now in your solar third house, you’re especially into communicating and connecting as well as getting out and about. Until the 25th, you’re more talkative, expressive, interested, and interactive. You express yourself more flowingly although not always with the warmth and affection that you have going for you today! You’re inclined to reach out to others more frequently. Themes in the coming weeks include exclusive news and perhaps gossip, information-gathering, staying more connected and on top of your daily affairs, taking tests, running errands, and increased involvement with siblings or the neighborhood. Today and tomorrow are particularly strong for communicating your intention. It’s a powerful time for personal attraction levels, selling an idea, your value, or your personality (which is useful for interviews, for example), and for taking tests. Personal appeal is boosted today with Mercury, your ruler, forming a nice angle with pleasant Venus in your sign. There could be news that is warm, pleasant, and promising. You can feel understood, cared for, and supported.


CancerWith Mercury now in your solar second house until the 25th, dear Cancer, you’re in a rewarding period for news, ideas, and research about finances, comfort and security matters, and income. You can come up with very creative ideas for making money and doing business, and it’s also a great time for developing talents, pursuing hobbies for material gain, and establishing yourself in a particular field. This can also be an opportune period for putting some of your dreams into motion or fleshing out an idea with practical details to make it more marketable or workable in general. You’re bringing more intuition and aesthetic sense to practical affairs, and vice versa. Today especially, you can find it easier to express things that are often left unexpressed, hard to articulate, or kept to yourself. You might come up with interesting ideas about how you can improve your financial state. You are more inclined to pay attention to unusual signs or symbols, and these can factor strongly into decisions now.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Mercury is transiting your sign until the 25th, dear Leo, and decision-making is more straightforward than it has been. You’re still holding back and it remains a good idea to save brand new initiatives for later. However, you’re more forthcoming now and going forward, and you’re gathering information, thinking, and planning ahead, as well as connecting more spontaneously with others. Sometimes during this cycle, you speak ahead of yourself, so watch for making statements that you haven’t thought through. Otherwise, you feel more in control of your thoughts and decisions. You might identify with a friend, pet project, or cause more closely during this period. Today and the first half of tomorrow are excellent for your social life as well as positive news and exchanges. You may be sharing ideas, personal thoughts, feelings, and memories now, and this feels fantastic. You’re especially charming, personable, and interesting. Your judgment is excellent.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeMercury is now transiting your privacy sector until the 25th, dear Virgo, and you move into a more private or pensive period. Mercury is your ruler, making this transit a little more significant for you than most. Your thoughts and/or conversations often turn to the past, and your memories are richer and more detailed as you look at things from a different perspective. This can also be a time for reassessing various projects, ideas, or methods and deciding their fate. Projects that no longer work for you become apparent. While you may keep to yourself more often during this cycle, today does hold some fantastic energy for connecting with others and enjoying good company. You might even choose to join in and do most of the listening so that you can soak up the good vibes. Intuition is good for business and financial matters. You might meet up with or get a strong reminder of a significant person from your past.



Mercury is now transiting your sector of community, dear Libra, and until the 25th, you can especially enjoy conversing with friends and coming to new ideas and perspectives as a result. Your ideas are innovative as you seek out something new, progressive, and unique to think about or focus your attention. You more readily take note of cutting edge ideas or take an interest in special causes. You’re putting more faith in your friends and networks. Today and tomorrow, you very readily make friends or win others’ positive feedback and attention. You get to a more positive perspective on a particular person or problem. You communicate more hopefulness and positivity now, and others easily warm up to your ideas and follow along with your plans. It’s a good time to learn and teach or guide, more so in a casual way than formal.


Scorpio Horoscope

Mercury is now transiting the top of your solar chart until the 25th, dear Scorpio, and your communications have more impact than usual. You’re a little more guarded about what you say, and this makes sense since you’re more inclined to be held accountable for your words! This can also be a time for enjoying making detailed plans about long-term goals or career. Your intelligence may come into the limelight, or you may gain recognition for your ideas and methods during this cycle. This can be a good time for enhancing your reputation, learning things that help you in your career, and talking about plans for the future or long-term goals. Particularly today and in the first half of the day tomorrow, people may be speaking highly of you. You are more aware of public sentiment and what others think of you when you are making decisions. You can be persuasive and charming.


Sagittarius Horoscope

With the Moon in your sign all day, dear Sagittarius, you are projecting yourself warmly, and others are drawn to you. As well, a Mercury-Venus connection influencing today and some of tomorrow can facilitate pleasant exchanges and social relationships. This is a good time for connecting with others in satisfying, enjoyable ways. This is especially true when it comes to one-on-one levels but extends to many different types of relationships as well. A feeling of camaraderie with a special someone can lift your spirits and make you feel that you’re moving forward. Problems you may have been agonizing over seem to resolve, and there is greater understanding between you and people close to you. Mercury is now transiting your adventure sector until the 25th, opening your mind to new ideas and encouraging you to express yourself. People tend to “get” what you intend to say, and you’re less likely to have to clarify your intentions during this satisfying cycle.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon spends the day in the sign just behind yours today, dear Capricorn, which points to an increased need for personal reflection. Even so, you shouldn’t completely hide away now because today and tomorrow are potentially delightful for socializing and collaborating. You might meet someone interesting as you pursue your goals and routines. Research is useful and can pull up heartening information. Talking about typically tricky subjects can flow well, and this is really quite refreshing! This is true in a general sense until July 25th with Mercury now transiting your intimacy sector. A rational, light approach to heavier topics can be instrumental now for making sense of things and for getting to agreements with others. You can learn a tremendous amount about others through observation during this cycle. A relationship can enjoy a nice boost from confidential or intimate talks and clarifications.



Mercury has moved into your partnership sector and will influence this area of your solar chart until the 25th, dear Aquarius. You’re in particularly good shape for talking things through with others during this cycle. Communications with a partner or good friend can be emphasized now and your powers of negotiation increase. Opposing viewpoints help you get to a stronger understanding of your own! Even when you disagree with someone, the thinking that results from a debate can help clarify your own thoughts. Today and into tomorrow, you’re in a particularly good position to come to agreements, make romantic clarifications or overtures, and share good times with people you care about. Things are looking up! Ideas and words flow easily and you’re looking for the positive in the news and information you encounter now.



Mercury is moving through your work and health sector until the 25th, dear Pisces, and performs very well there. It’s a great time for seeing and processing the details that you may overlook at other periods of the year. You’re inclined to enjoy making lists and plans during this cycle. Gathering information to help others (or yourself) can figure strongly, and while you can sometimes get a bit lost in the details and this can overwhelm you at times, you get the opportunity to resolve problems, organize, and get your affairs in order generally speaking. You might enjoy providing services for others or honing your skills and immersing yourself in the details of your work and projects. It can be a wonderful time for paying more attention to nutritional values and keeping records of your efforts to improve health, as well. You come to satisfying and mutually beneficial agreements now, and this is particularly the case today.