Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 6th

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 6th



Aries Horoscope

You’re communicating with more panache now, dear Aries, as Mercury transits your creative sector until the 25th. Your outlook or attitude is particularly positive, outgoing, and refreshing. You express yourself playfully, and your sense of humor is healthy. Ideas flow very well, and your conversations are understood. You’re less likely to put your foot in your mouth during this cycle! Mercury and Venus harmonize now, boosting your romantic and social life and power to communicate pleasingly. This is a great time for communicating with a lover, siblings, and children, or it can be a time when thoughts and conversations often turn to love, recreation, and creative pursuits. Romance, social relations, comfort, and finances are highlighted and in a good state. Approaching people and problems in a relaxed manner works to your favor now.


Taurus HoroscopeFrom now until the 25th, you’ll be seeking out more security and succeeding quite well at it, dear Taurus. This is a time when you don’t mind spending extra money on personal comforts, family, and home. You crave more peace and predictability. There can be a natural and easy flow of communication with family. Thoughts and conversations often turn to memories, childhood, home, financial security, domestic pursuits, crafts, and personal affairs during this cycle. You’re in a good position to work out of your home or in home-related fields. It’s also a good period for researching, writing, finding ideas, and talking about domestic and neighborhood concerns. Today, there can be good news or promising developments with domestic or financial affairs or a nice new purchase to improve home life. You may be expressing your affection through being a good listener.



You’re moving into a livelier period, generally speaking, dear Gemini. With Mercury now in your solar third house, you’re especially into communicating and connecting as well as getting out and about. Until the 25th, you’re more talkative, expressive, interested, and interactive. You express yourself more flowingly although not always with the warmth and affection that you have going for you today! You’re inclined to reach out to others more frequently. Themes in the coming weeks include exclusive news and perhaps gossip, information-gathering, staying more connected and on top of your daily affairs, taking tests, running errands, and increased involvement with siblings or the neighborhood. Today and tomorrow are particularly strong for communicating your intention. It’s a powerful time for personal attraction levels, selling an idea, your value, or your personality (which is useful for interviews, for example), and for taking tests. Personal appeal is boosted today with Mercury, your ruler, forming a nice angle with pleasant Venus in your sign. There could be news that is warm, pleasant, and promising. You can feel understood, cared for, and supported.


CancerWith Mercury now in your solar second house until the 25th, dear Cancer, you’re in a rewarding period for news, ideas, and research about finances, comfort and security matters, and income. You can come up with very creative ideas for making money and doing business, and it’s also a great time for developing talents, pursuing hobbies for material gain, and establishing yourself in a particular field. This can also be an opportune period for putting some of your dreams into motion or fleshing out an idea with practical details to make it more marketable or workable in general. You’re bringing more intuition and aesthetic sense to practical affairs, and vice versa. Today especially, you can find it easier to express things that are often left unexpressed, hard to articulate, or kept to yourself. You might come up with interesting ideas about how you can improve your financial state. You are more inclined to pay attention to unusual signs or symbols, and these can factor strongly into decisions now.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Mercury is transiting your sign until the 25th, dear Leo, and decision-making is more straightforward than it has been. You’re still holding back and it remains a good idea to save brand new initiatives for later. However, you’re more forthcoming now and going forward, and you’re gathering information, thinking, and planning ahead, as well as connecting more spontaneously with others. Sometimes during this cycle, you speak ahead of yourself, so watch for making statements that you haven’t thought through. Otherwise, you feel more in control of your thoughts and decisions. You might identify with a friend, pet project, or cause more closely during this period. Today and the first half of tomorrow are excellent for your social life as well as positive news and exchanges. You may be sharing ideas, personal thoughts, feelings, and memories now, and this feels fantastic. You’re especially charming, personable, and interesting. Your judgment is excellent.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeMercury is now transiting your privacy sector until the 25th, dear Virgo, and you move into a more private or pensive period. Mercury is your ruler, making this transit a little more significant for you than most. Your thoughts and/or conversations often turn to the past, and your memories are richer and more detailed as you look at things from a different perspective. This can also be a time for reassessing various projects, ideas, or methods and deciding their fate. Projects that no longer work for you become apparent. While you may keep to yourself more often during this cycle, today does hold some fantastic energy for connecting with others and enjoying good company. You might even choose to join in and do most of the listening so that you can soak up the good vibes. Intuition is good for business and financial matters. You might meet up with or get a strong reminder of a significant person from your past.



Mercury is now transiting your sector of community, dear Libra, and until the 25th, you can especially enjoy conversing with friends and coming to new ideas and perspectives as a result. Your ideas are innovative as you seek out something new, progressive, and unique to think about or focus your attention. You more readily take note of cutting edge ideas or take an interest in special causes. You’re putting more faith in your friends and networks. Today and tomorrow, you very readily make friends or win others’ positive feedback and attention. You get to a more positive perspective on a particular person or problem. You communicate more hopefulness and positivity now, and others easily warm up to your ideas and follow along with your plans. It’s a good time to learn and teach or guide, more so in a casual way than formal.


Scorpio Horoscope

Mercury is now transiting the top of your solar chart until the 25th, dear Scorpio, and your communications have more impact than usual. You’re a little more guarded about what you say, and this makes sense since you’re more inclined to be held accountable for your words! This can also be a time for enjoying making detailed plans about long-term goals or career. Your intelligence may come into the limelight, or you may gain recognition for your ideas and methods during this cycle. This can be a good time for enhancing your reputation, learning things that help you in your career, and talking about plans for the future or long-term goals. Particularly today and in the first half of the day tomorrow, people may be speaking highly of you. You are more aware of public sentiment and what others think of you when you are making decisions. You can be persuasive and charming.


Sagittarius Horoscope

With the Moon in your sign all day, dear Sagittarius, you are projecting yourself warmly, and others are drawn to you. As well, a Mercury-Venus connection influencing today and some of tomorrow can facilitate pleasant exchanges and social relationships. This is a good time for connecting with others in satisfying, enjoyable ways. This is especially true when it comes to one-on-one levels but extends to many different types of relationships as well. A feeling of camaraderie with a special someone can lift your spirits and make you feel that you’re moving forward. Problems you may have been agonizing over seem to resolve, and there is greater understanding between you and people close to you. Mercury is now transiting your adventure sector until the 25th, opening your mind to new ideas and encouraging you to express yourself. People tend to “get” what you intend to say, and you’re less likely to have to clarify your intentions during this satisfying cycle.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon spends the day in the sign just behind yours today, dear Capricorn, which points to an increased need for personal reflection. Even so, you shouldn’t completely hide away now because today and tomorrow are potentially delightful for socializing and collaborating. You might meet someone interesting as you pursue your goals and routines. Research is useful and can pull up heartening information. Talking about typically tricky subjects can flow well, and this is really quite refreshing! This is true in a general sense until July 25th with Mercury now transiting your intimacy sector. A rational, light approach to heavier topics can be instrumental now for making sense of things and for getting to agreements with others. You can learn a tremendous amount about others through observation during this cycle. A relationship can enjoy a nice boost from confidential or intimate talks and clarifications.



Mercury has moved into your partnership sector and will influence this area of your solar chart until the 25th, dear Aquarius. You’re in particularly good shape for talking things through with others during this cycle. Communications with a partner or good friend can be emphasized now and your powers of negotiation increase. Opposing viewpoints help you get to a stronger understanding of your own! Even when you disagree with someone, the thinking that results from a debate can help clarify your own thoughts. Today and into tomorrow, you’re in a particularly good position to come to agreements, make romantic clarifications or overtures, and share good times with people you care about. Things are looking up! Ideas and words flow easily and you’re looking for the positive in the news and information you encounter now.



Mercury is moving through your work and health sector until the 25th, dear Pisces, and performs very well there. It’s a great time for seeing and processing the details that you may overlook at other periods of the year. You’re inclined to enjoy making lists and plans during this cycle. Gathering information to help others (or yourself) can figure strongly, and while you can sometimes get a bit lost in the details and this can overwhelm you at times, you get the opportunity to resolve problems, organize, and get your affairs in order generally speaking. You might enjoy providing services for others or honing your skills and immersing yourself in the details of your work and projects. It can be a wonderful time for paying more attention to nutritional values and keeping records of your efforts to improve health, as well. You come to satisfying and mutually beneficial agreements now, and this is particularly the case today.


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