Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 7th

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Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, July 7th



Aries Horoscope

This morning is excellent for negotiations, creative writing, problem-solving, and relationships with love interests, acquaintances, and children, dear Aries. You can be feeling quite confident and hopeful about your projects and relationships. This afternoon, the Moon moves to the top of your solar chart, stimulating a stronger awareness of your goals and performance. However, a Venus-Pluto aspect can promote some tension if you worry too much about these things. This influence can also stimulate insecurities regarding money, relationships, and pleasures. Unresolved problems and fears about others taking over your position can emerge and disrupt your good humor now and again. For best results today, keep a goal in mind and aim to do your best without succumbing to the pressure to do it all right away!


Taurus HoroscopePositive energy continues this morning, dear Taurus, and you can find yourself in good shape for constructive or supportive conversations. Thinking is excellent for finances and domestic concerns, and family life or security matters are strongly on your mind. Things may seem to be falling into place, which is comforting. This afternoon, the Moon moves into your adventure sector. You’re seeking out more spontaneous activity or experiences that expand your mind now. A Venus-Pluto this afternoon pulls up some fear of change or of not being “in the know.” Your needs and wants can be complicated to understand now, or if you do know them, it can be difficult to see a direct path to their fulfillment. There is a stronger desire for comfort and security in your relationships these days, but today you may not be feeling especially able to let down your guard. Aim for moderation and avoid becoming worked up about differences of opinion.



This morning, you are in a fabulous position to connect, collaborate, and cooperate with others, dear Gemini, with your ruler, Mercury, in positive aspect to Venus in your sign. You are framed particularly well in nearly everything you do! The Moon continues to emphasize partnerships and relating until early afternoon, after which you’re inclined to observe and analyze as well as seek out a stronger connection to projects or people. Life becomes a little more intense as the day advances, and emotions can be up and down. Part of you wants just to have some fun and take things lightly, but it can be hard to totally relax because you can’t help but see discrepancies. You may be particularly sensitive to what you see as others’ agendas or motives. Perhaps you’re receiving attention of the unwanted variety, or you’re unsure of whether to take something as a compliment or not.


CancerThis morning, good energy for cooperation with others and problem-solving continues from yesterday, dear Cancer. You’re in an excellent position to think or talk through a problem or to gain clarity about a matter. Pleasant exchanges are likely now, and it’s refreshing! The Moon moves into your partnership sector early afternoon, and you become increasingly invested in your relationships and social life. You seek out companionship. However, interactions are not as flowing later today as they were in the morning. Part of you wants to see the good things, and the other part tends to focus on the darker side or negative possibilities. Choose to rise above this, but give some thought to what’s bothering you. Fears and insecurities may be at the root of all of this. You might also be dealing with the jealousies of someone close to you. Look for ways to make yourself happy that don’t depend on others for the time being.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

This morning continues a theme of cooperation, friendliness, and open conversations, dear Leo. You may gain clarity about a person’s feelings for you or you could thoroughly enjoy a conversation about the future now. The Moon moves from your creative solar fifth house to your work and health sector early afternoon and the mood changes somewhat. You become more focused on your duties. A Venus-Pluto aspect alludes to a possible struggle between dealing with routines and responsibilities and the desire for more time for your social life. The idea that you may be losing ground or missing out if you don’t attend to your work can prevent you from fully relaxing. For some, there can be the jealousies of colleagues or friends to navigate now. Do your best to rise above any mind games people may be playing.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeThe morning’s energies are easygoing with continued themes of cooperation, conversation, and pleasant exchanges. Even though you are keeping some things to yourself and unsure about whether or not you should be sharing certain observations, it’s a mostly good time for harmonizing with the people around you and taking a relaxed, tolerant approach to your life. Clarity about a relationship or project may come now. The Moon moves from your home-focused solar fourth house to your creative fifth house early afternoon, which tends to stimulate your desire to share your feelings or have some fun. Even so, a Venus-Pluto aspect can point to some frustrations if people are trying to control things or playing guilt games with you. Try not to let fears or insecurities take over. Focusing on solving mental problems may be better than trying to attack more emotionally-rooted ones just for now, but don’t ignore your fears, either. In fact, with the Sun and Pluto moving towards an opposition, the more you learn about your insecurities, the better you will be able to rise above frustrations and do what’s right for you. Look for creative outlets for self-expression if this can be managed, as it can be powerful to express yourself creatively now.



This morning is quite excellent for self-expression, social confidence, and improved personal outlook. You’re coming across very well, dear Libra. As the day advances, you’re a little more serious. Inner fears or tensions can begin to emerge, and this can affect your behavior. The areas of life where you worry you don’t have an edge or an upper hand, possibly your home or family life, begin to interfere with personal enjoyment until you deal with them. Since attempting to get your way will not contribute to a feeling of empowerment in the long run, avoid these behaviors as best as possible. Rise above tendencies towards subterfuge, and instead try to address the insecurity or fear behind the desire. The Moon’s move to your home and family sector this afternoon can prompt a more considered approach to your emotions.


Scorpio Horoscope

There continues to be natural energy for expressing yourself and cooperation with others this morning, dear Scorpio. You may get the chance to clarify your position on a matter or get to a friendly agreement with others. This afternoon, the Moon moves into your communications sector, stimulating your desire to connect, learn, and contribute. A Venus-Pluto tense aspect can nag at your fears of not being “in the know” or can lead to tensions with conversations that beat around the bush. Some interactions can degrade into a game of power or righteousness. The desire to have the last word is strong, but not necessarily worth the effort! You’re likely to feel more of this energy tomorrow, so work on identifying the source of frustration now and don’t let it overpower you. Your problem-solving skills are strong, however. While communication mix-ups can be irritating while they’re happening, they may also lead to new insights.


Sagittarius Horoscope

This morning, pairing up with someone can be pleasant and rewarding, dear Sagittarius. This can be a time of increased warmth in a relationship or good conversations and the satisfying sharing of ideas. The Moon continues to transit your sign until the afternoon, after which it moves into your resources sector, and your practical affairs take priority. With a Venus-Pluto influence occurring now, people have a tendency to play mind games or worries of losing footing interfere with healthy interactions. Simple conversations or interactions may end up stirring big feelings now. Differences in values, tastes, or money can be an issue in a relationship. This doesn’t have to be disruptive if you find ways to direct these emotions appropriately. You can also gain a new understanding of what you truly value now.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon continues to move through your privacy sector until the afternoon when it enters your sign, dear Capricorn, and feelings you’ve kept at bay demand attention! This morning is quiet but holds the promise of pleasant interactions and discoveries. A smooth, easygoing approach to others and your work yields the best results now. As the day advances, you can have some difficulties keeping things running smoothly and naturally. Interactions can be tricky, particularly with people you work with or in relationships that naturally have an imbalance of power (such as client-patient, employer-employee, teacher-student), and these connections are figuring strongly for you these days. There may not appear to be a direct route to getting what you want, so the temptation is to try to maneuver things to go your way instead. Avoid mind games that will either backfire or leave you feeling unfulfilled.



In the first half of the day, good energy for connecting with others and cooperating or meeting new people continues since yesterday, dear Aquarius. As the day advances, the Moon moves into your privacy sector, and you seek out some downtime. As well, a Venus-Pluto aspect points to some feelings that you can’t get what you want by taking a direct route so that manipulation may be a temptation. Maneuvering things to go your way is sometimes useful, but today it may not work in your favor. Part of you wants to throw yourself into new experiences with Venus in your creative sector, and another is a little worried about doing so, perhaps due to financial or security issues. Try not to make life more complicated than it already is. Consider that you may be making more of a situation than it warrants, which stresses you out unnecessarily.



This morning, good energy for solving problems and relating well with others continues, dear Pisces. Conversations can be helpful. With the Moon moving into your social sector this afternoon, you tend to seek out ways to nurture your sense of belonging or feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. You need a break from competition, but with a Venus-Pluto challenge this afternoon, you may have a hard time relaxing enough to fully enjoy yourself. You might suspect a hidden agenda in your interactions with others when you’d prefer to communicate with more sincerity. While you may want to stick close to home, insecurities can have you feeling you need to be around friends. Aim to let go of your fears as much as possible, but give yourself some time to explore your feelings before pushing forward. More of this energy is likely tomorrow, so pay close attention to your feelings now so you can bring them into the light rather than let them work quietly against you!



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