A Spell to Repel Nastiness and Bullying

A Spell to Repel Nastiness and Bullying

To be truthful, this spell is for a disable member who is being pushed and shoved around by neighbors. Along with the spell, would you please assist me in sending her some protective energy. It bothers me to think what kind of people would bully a disabled person. Really to do something like that they are not people, they are monsters. I know, my friend, you were worried about the animals but I am worried about you.

You will need:

A shiny or reflective object such as a small mirror or a spare pair of spectacles.

Best time to use:

When under attack

The Spell:

*As the bully comes towards you, place the shiny object in front of you and say in your head:

Come no here in malice

*If the person begins or continues a tirade, look full into their eyes and say in your head:

Take back what  you inflict on me with all its barbs and feel the hurt.

*You are not cursing them, just sending back the negativity that rightly belongs to them and emanates from some inadequacy in their make-up that causes them to off-load on you their unpleasantness.

*As soon as possible, splash water the shiny or reflective object.