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Just wanted to let you know we will have more information on the Full Moon tomorrow. We will also be published our information here as usual even though it is a Saturday. Also, you might want to check the podcast in about an hour or two. We are providing a spell of the day that stops the powers of your enemies and also an impromptu discussion on Black Magick and other topics that pertain to it.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day – Galaxy Cluster

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2017 March 10

Galaxy Cluster Abell 2666
Image Credit & Copyright: Bernhard Hubl, CEDIC 2017


Explanation: The galaxies of Abell 2666 lie far beyond the Milky Way, some 340 million light-years distant toward the high flying constellation Pegasus. Framed in this sharp telescopic image, the pretty cluster galaxies are gathered behind scattered, spiky, Milky Way stars. At cluster center is giant elliptical galaxy NGC 7768, the central dominant galaxy of the cluster. As the cluster forms, such massive galaxies are thought to grow by mergers of galaxies that fall through the center of the cluster’s gravitational well. Typical of dominant cluster galaxies, NGC 7768 likely harbors a supermassive black hole. At the estimated distance of Abell 2666, this cosmic frame would span about 5 million light-years.

Earth Sky News for Friday, March 10th: Comet Encke nearest sun today

Comet Encke nearest sun today


Article published on EarthSky

Your Charm for Friday, March 10th is Solomons Seal

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:
This aspect needs to be lightened up a bit, things are getting to serious. Some humor or even a bit of flirting could lighten the tone greatly.

General Description:
The use of this, one of the most ancient charms, dates back to the commencement of our present civilization, and was in use previous to the Jewish dispensation. The symbol has been used in almost every religion, and was considered all powerful, efficient, and the perfect sign of the absolute. The triangle with the apex upwards symbolized all that was good and the inverted triangle all that was evil, and the two combined in the device portrays the triumph of good over evil. The seven discs represent the seven then known planets. This charm was worn to protect the wearer from every description of mischief and danger, and was a preserver from all evil.