Today’s Sunday Correspondences & Divination Is Chalked Full of Info, One not to miss!


Today’s edition of our Sunday Divination is packed full of Sunday correspondences, the magick of Sunday, the Witches’ guide to Sunday and much, much more. Even though today episode runs a little longer than usual, it is well worth the listen. Lady of the Abyss expresses her views on our High Holy days begin moved and also give you insight into some of your every day household items you can use in the Craft


Take a moment to let Lady A tell your horoscopes, read your tarot card and runes for the day. You don’t want any surprises today, do you?


Today closing with a final thought from Lady A:


Stand proud Witches,

wherever you may be,

You are a magickal being

who walks in love and integrity.

Stand tall and proud Witches,

For there is a bond twixt you and me.

We stand side by side,

For we are family, brothers and sisters,

all of The Craft.


Special podcast to follow on “Magickal Timing”


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