Spell of the Day for March 1 & March 2 Up & Running on Podcast

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Well if nothing else is getting done, I have got yesterday’s and today’s spell of the day up and running on the podcast. One spell is a Witchwood Spell is to dispel evil intent and drive it away. The other is an Uncrossing Spell its purpose is to send away any bad vibes sent your way by the envy or spite of another. Enjoy!

Everyone Has the Day Off And I Am Up-dating the Sites…..

I don’t know if you have watched it on the national News or not, but…..our area currently looks like a war zone. Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky were all hit and hit hard by tornadoes.  The tornado that hit our area, came out of no where, the National Weather Service didn’t even have time to issue a warning. It hit about 3:00 in the morning.


Earlier that evening, I had took my little pup outside to use the bathroom this was long before the tornado ever hit. My pup used the bathroom and while he was doing so, I kept hearing the wind roaring in a distance. It was strange, I knew at that time, it wasn’t close but the roar sounded just like a train and very loud. It was a sound I have heard three other times, the sound of a tornado. I called Mystie outside and asked her if she heard it. She told me, “no, I was crazy and come on in.” I didn’t and I stayed outside a bit with my pup. It was for sure that Kade (I am tired of calling him my pup, that’s his name), he heard what I was hearing. That was all the confirmation I needed. We came in and without anyone knowing it I took the proper precautions to protect us. That night, we lost power and the next thing the tornado hit. The house shook something terrible but the tornado went over us and hit every other house in the neighborhood. Like I said it looks like a war zone. It was just strange though, that I heard the tornado coming long before it hit here. I honestly believe it was a warning from the Goddess what was going to happen. It is the only thing I can believe. The other ladies that work here, I did call them and told them a tornado was coming and they also thought I was crazy. “The storms are going around us, we’ll be fine,” yeah, right! They have the day off to clean up their properties and they are wondering how I knew that freak tornado was coming.


Our power finally came back on sometime during the night. There were more than 200,000 people without power and us being in the stick, I guess we were last to get back up. Kade is scarred for life or at least right now. The night we were outside and he heard the winds, he won’t go outside by himself now. Hopefully, he will get back to normal soon. It has turned off cold here now and taking him to the bathroom at 4 in the morning it is rather chilly. But everyone else if off and cleaning up their property and I am the only working today. I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet, and also thank the Goddess that She warned me of what was coming. I am going to update the sites and tomorrow, we will be back to normal operations.


I would ask that you pray for this area and all the others effected by these tornadoes. There is a lot of rebuilding to be done and people lost everything. I can sympathize with them, we have lost everything not too long ago. So please pray for this area and its people.

Thank you and Praise Be To Our Goddess,

Love ya,

Lady A

Please pray for Lady Beltane also. I know she is in Missouri and I haven’t heard anything from her, let’s us pray that her and her family are fine and made it through the tornadoes.