Featured Spell of the Day for March 21 – An Ink Wash Spell

Spell of the Day for Tuesday, March 21

An Ink Wash Spell


The main purpose of this spell is to cancel out harm caused by another individual. The spell is to be casted by the person who was the original victim of the spellcasted.


Items you will need:

One black candle 6 to 8 inches long


One bottle of purple water based ink

One fountain pen

One sheet of office paper

One bowl of water

One small glass tumbler


The only chant that is in this spell is as follows:

“All that is valuable, I keep

All that is harmful, I discard.”





A Special Edition of Divination for Tuesday, March 21

Welcome to a special edition of Tuesday’s Divination. As you know, we normally do not put out a Divination podcast during the weekdays but unfortunately instead of computer problems, we had people problems today. No one could get their act together. So Lady A bravely took the mic and went to the air. We offer to you our usual divination, runes, tarot, horoscope and much, much more. Lady A has some very interesting tidbits she adds to the mix and what we thought was going to be a horrible day turns into a very beautiful one. We hope you enjoy today’s edition along with Lady A tales and hints.


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