While You Are Waiting…..You Don’t Need A Clock To Perform Magick, You Need Magickal Correspondences…..


This special edition of the WOTC’s podcast covers magickal timing for your spells and really you don’t need a clock to cast spells & rituals. Most witches automatically know when the time or hour of the day shifts. It is in their DNA. In this session, Lady of the Abyss discusses the timing of each phase of the day, the magickal correspondences for each day and the magick pertaining to it, the astrological associations within magick, the moon and last but not least the Esbats.


This is a very informative session with our dear Lady. Not only does she give you insightful advice in the correspondences and their relationship, she add some very informative “witchy” tips just for you. Enjoy!


The WOTC Podcast