The Spell of the Day for Wednesday, March 15th – Another Two for One Day (Psychic Protection Mojo Bag & Spell)

The Spell of the Day for Wednesday, March 15th – Another Two for One

First Spell

Making a psychic protection mojo

Items you will need:
A dark-grey or purple fabric drawstring bad
Angelica root or rosemary
Sale and pepper in tiwsts of silver foil
An animal or bird bone, or 7 black beads
A dark-green thread or ribbon
A few drops of brandy or barley wine


“While you remain hidden within,
Keep safe without.”



Second Spell:

Spell to defend yourself from people who are playing mind or power games with you or loved one


Items you will need:
A dark blue candle
Dried parsley, rosemary, nettles – or just use one or two of the herbs
A small dish
A small cauldron
Cast-iron cookware pot


Chant 1:
With light I cast your influence away
I break your hold on my/(name’s) mind
When these herbs are gone,
No longer will you bind.


Chant 2:
The power is gone;
Your day is done
To hold me/(name)against my/her/his will
You must be gone
I wish you no ill.





Today, We Continue Our Special Presentation on Elemental Witches with the Fire Witch

Parts 1 & 2 are currently up, the 3rd is being worked on

(Part 1)

We would like to welcome you to our third installment of our special series on “The Elemental Witches.” Today, we will be discussing the Fire Witch. The path of the Fire Witch is not for the faint of heart. She is strong and courageous and rarely takes “no” for an answer. She loves life, her life is beautiful and poetic but has an underlying current of tragedy. The Fire Witch is one of the most complicated witches in the group of Elementals.

Come, sit for a spell and see what we are talking about…..


(Part 2)

The second part of our special presentation on the Fire Witch includes Folklore and Nature occurences aligned under the Fire Witch. Did you know that the Northern Lights fall under the myth of the Fire Witch? How about lightning, fireflies, the Phoenix and not to mention something that is very important to all of us, the Home & Hearth. This sessions contains many folklore and old traditions associated with the Fire Witch and her lore. We hope you find it interesting as well as enjoyable!




Excerpts from:

The Elemental Witches

Author: Tammy Sullivan

Ms. Sullivan’s book is currently on sale on, be sure to grab your copy today!