Whispering Woods Faery Course: Lesson Nine – Miscellaneous Faeries

Whispering Woods Faery Course

Lesson Nine

Miscellaneous Faeries


There are many faeries which do not fit into a particular category. And so rather then pass over these unique and interesting faeries they are listed here for your learning pleasure.

Mekumwasuck – These are the faeries of the Native American Passamaquody. They are about two feet high and extremely ugly. It is said that if one looks directly at you that you will be afflicted with some type of disease. They are found along the border between the United States and Canada.

Bokwus – These Native American faeries often sport war paint and are found in Fir and Spruce forests. They shove anglers off of the banks so that they will drown. The Bokwus then take their souls with him.

Nagumwasuck – These are faeries of the North American Passasaquody people. They are about three feet tall and are rarely seen. It is has been said that they help out hunters in need. And will sing when there is a death within the tribe. They have also been known to appear and dance at weddings.

Ohdows – These small North American faeries live underground. They use their magickal powers to keep demons and giants from emerging from the earth and causing earthquakes and similar disasters.

Agogwe – They are Tanzanian faeries who manifest as tiny, hairy red men.

Catez – This is a Southern Slavonic woodland faery. It has the head of a man but the body of a goat. It is found near fields and waterfalls.

Joulupukki (Yule Buck) – A Finnish faery that delivers gifts at Christmas time.

Abiku: This evil faery which is known by the African Dahomean tribe seeks to steal human children. To prevent this children are adorned with iron bracelets or they are ritually scarred.

Bakru – These are South American faeries that are created by magick. They consist partly of wood.

Uldra – These Lapland faeries live underground. They tend to keep watch over hibernating animals. They are also kindly disposed towards the Sami herders who herd reindeer across their territory.

Abatwa – These tiny South African faeries live amiably inside anthills with ants. It is said that if a women who is 7 months pregnant sees an Abatwa, that the unborn child will be a boy.

Bergmoncks – These are German faeries that appear as pale faced monks. They chase people away from gold mines. It is thought that these faeries are the spirits of monks who had hidden church gold inside the mines.

Ahl Al-Trab – These faeries come from Arabic folklore. They are said to be tiny and live beneath the sands of the Sahara desert. They are very mischievous in that they get camels riled up, raise sandstorms and drain oases before a caravan arrives to use it.

Weles – They are Polish faeries who guard animals.

Fantine – These gentle Swiss faeries bring good weather to farmers. It is said that they introduced the idea of the cow bell to keep cows from getting lost.

Yumboes – These West African faeries are said to be very hospitable towards humans. They are about two feet tall with pearly skin and silvery hair. They live beneath the hills of Senegal. Their servants are said to be invisible except for their hands and feet. The Yumboes enjoy dining and dancing, often inviting humans to join them.

Ahuizotl – This Aztec water faery is a cross between a dog and a monkey and it has a human hand at the end of its tail. It lures unsuspecting people into the water where it devours them. It is found in Mexico.

Deevs – These evil Persian faeries are found in the Zorastrian religion. Their ruler is Arzshenk. And they are always at war with the good Persian faeries known as Peries.

Macinghe – This dangerous Sicilian wind faery has a reputation for violating human women. He is one of the Folletti.

Shinsee – They are generally friendly Chinese faeries who are found deep in the mountains and forests. They manifest as old men with long beards or as young maidens wandering in the moonlight.

Vihans – Are Gallic faeries who stand guard over standing stones.

Pilosi – These nature faeries are from ancient Gaul. They appeared as hairy men with the legs and feet of goats. A horseshoe was nailed to the hearth to make them feel welcome.

Tras – is a Bohemian faery who is known to come bursting out of the forest in order to attack humans.



1. Joulupukki is a Finnish faery that delivers _____.

2. Bergmoncks are German faeries who appear as pale faced _______.

3. Shinsee are found deep in the _________ and ________.

4. Weles are Polish faeries who guard ________.

5. Agogwe are __________ faeries.

6. The Abatwa live with ____.

7. Bokwus are found in Fir and _______ forests



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