Incense of the Day for January 3rd is Crystal Purification Incense

Incense of the Day



2 Parts Frankincense
2 Parts Coral
1 Part Sandalwood
1 Part Rosemary
1 Pich finely powdered salt
a small purified Quartz crystal point

To Use: Pour a bit of incense (leaving the crystal in the jar) onto charcoal. Smoulder and pass the crystal to be purified through the smoke wafting away the stones impurities. Naturally, this incense can be used in connection with the others recommended purifying rituals, or in place of them.

3 thoughts on “Incense of the Day for January 3rd is Crystal Purification Incense

  1. Interesting! I’ve never heard of using coral in an incense… is it used for magical reasons? I wonder what it smells like when it burns. I know that some species of sea snails have their operculum used as incense but I’m not familiar with coral being used for that reason.


    1. This is an incense recipe I stole from Mystie. From what I have seen her do, get a sledge hammer to pound it into the fine powder needed for the incense. Then after an hour or two pounding, she mixed it all together and it smelled to the Summerlands. It stunk! She did tell me the only reason it was put into the incense recipe was to give the incense the appropriate color. Now I look at it this way, let’s weigh color over smell! I can do without the color because of the smell. If I were you I would just drop it from the recipe list. The incense still serves the same purpose with or without the color. So be warned, you don’t want to have to Pine-sol and Lysol everything, leave it out of the recipe.

      Just my opinion though, if you talk to Mystie, she would tell you something different. But I know she would agree that it stinks up everything.
      Lady A

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      1. Fascinating! Thanks for breaking that down. I’m no witch but I have a strong interest in incense. But if I was, I’d be dropping the coral too. I wouldn’t want an incense that stinks!


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