Blending granular incense

Blending granular incense


• • When blending, first grind the gum resins (such as gum Arabic or benzoin) until the granules are like granulated sugar.


• • Then add the woods, herbs and spices, all of which should have been finely ground and thoroughly blended together.


• • Add the essential oils a drop at a time and mix well. The blending of the incense is an important part of the process, both from the perspective of the synergy of the ingredients and the personal energy you add to the incense.


• • At this point you might like to dedicate the incense to the purpose intended, saying perhaps simply:

I dedicate this incense to be used in [name spell]

• • Place the incense mixture in a strong polythene bag (so that it retains its pungency) then put it into a clean jar with a screw top lid.


• • Do not use for at least 24 hours to enable the perfumes and qualities to blend properly.


• • Don’t forget to label the jar, noting the ingredients and the date you made the blend. It is also a good idea to note the intention or purpose for which the incense is made.


• • Make your incense in small quantities so that it does not lose its potency.


When making your incense you may like to follow the example of herbalists of old, who gathered their herbs in tune with the cycles of life and planetary correspondences. Even though you may have to use bought herbs, the more you are able to work with the correspondences and think about timing the more effective your spells or rituals will be.