Your Essential Oils

Your Essential Oils


Oils are an easy way of using plants and herbs in magical workings, particularly when space is at a premium. Below are some oils that we think should be part of every magical practitioner’s way of working. All of them are simple to acquire and, if stored according to directions, will last for some time even though the initial expense may seem to be prohibitive.

With its warm vibration, it brings love from higher realms, transforming sadness into happiness.

Lifts the spirit and links with eternal wisdom. teaching us to be content with what we have, and that most problems arise in our imagination.

Holds some of the wisdom of the universe. Able to cleanse the most negative of influences, it works far beyond the auric field, affecting the very subtle realms of energy and adapting the spiritual state. Frankincense is sometimes called olibanum.

Resonates with Mother Earth and all that is feminine. It comforts, opens our hearts and heals pain.. It typifies the archetypal energy of Goddess culture. Its energy is transformational and as such it must always be used with respect.

Provides us with access to a greater understanding of the spirit. It is said that jasmine brings the angelic kingdom within our reach. It gives understanding and acceptance of the true meaning of spirituality.

Is caring and nurturing. It will not allow negative emotion to remain present, bringing about healing by allowing the heavenly energies close to the physical.

Brings realization that we no longer need to carry our burdens, releasing them from deep within, allowing us to let go when the time is right. When combined with other oils, it enhances – and is enhanced by – them.

Is one of the most precious essential oils, its vibration being one of the highest. It brings self-recognition because it allows development of a new perspective, allowing us to develop unconditional love.



When the spirit is affected by disappointment, spiritual pain and displacement, nutmeg works to bring hopes, dreams and prayers back into focus.

Said to be the perfume of the guardians or messengers who guide us in times of need, it is a fragrance which allows us to access the Divine mysteries. It is associated with the true needs of the human heart.

Reminds us of our purpose and of our own spiritual journey and encourages confidence and clarity of purpose. It cleanses the aura.

Allows us to make contact with divine beings and brings us into balance with the cosmos. It clarifies our strength of conviction.

It balances the spirit so that we can be open to pleasures of the physical realm while still appreciating spiritual passions. Used magically, it achieves a balanced manifestation.