Protection from Enemies Mojo Bag


Protection from Enemies Mojo Bag

Red flannel bag

Chunk of Dragon’s blood

Angelica root Dried Rue

This bag is designed to protect you from enemies or anyone who would do you harm in three ways.  The Dragon’s blood will protect you from any negativity, the Angelica Root is for basic protection, and the Rue will protect you from the Evil Eye.  This bag should be carried and worn very close to the skin.

In addition, you may add some Evil Eye beads, but the herbs should be sufficient on their own.

To fix the bag, breathe onto it.  You may also say a chant or prayer for protection.



Feed the bag with Defense Oil:

1/4 ounce carrier oil

3 drops myrrh

2 drops cypress

1 drop patchouli Mint leaf


Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Giana