Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Twelve – Divination – Interpretations of the 2 letter Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Twelve
Divination – Interpretations of the 2 letter Fews 

Onn (Gorse) Wisdom Collated/Life changes

Gender – Masculine Element – Fire Planet – Mars
Plant Gorse around your property to protect you from curses and/or hexes.
Use a broom made from Gorse to sweep negative influences from your home.
OW-N: Wisdom emphasized through opportunity. Life changes due to age. Wisdom gathered.
OW-E: Opportunity for abundance. Bountiful wisdom.
OW-S: Happiness from opportunity and wisdom applied to create life changes.
OW-W: Positive changes from gathered wisdom lead to peace. Inspiration generates life changes.
MW-N: Challenge causes positive changes. Friction in life changes through gathered wisdom.
MW-E: Wisdom harvested. Prosperity from knowledge. Opportunity for gains from education/learning.
MW-S: Contentment from gathered knowledge and positive changes. Harmony in life changes.
MW-W: Increased knowledge emphasized resulting in opportunities/positive changes/new life.
UW-N: Ending of harmony. Transformation through gathered knowledge and wisdom emphasized. Rapid changes for the better.
UW-E: Growth of opportunity. Increase in positive changes. Youthful approach to life.
UW-S: Energy to implement life changes. Vitality of knowledge and wisdom. Energetic changes.
UW-W: Knowledge increases capacity for love/pleasure. Wisdom is love. Opportunity in love. Positive changes in love/pleasure.

Luis (Rowan) Insight/Foreknowledge/Enlivening

Gender – Feminine Element – Fire Planet – Sun
Carry a piece of Rowan to increase psychic powers.
When traveling across the ocean, carry a piece of Rowan for protection.
Rowan is often connected with communication involving faeries.
The tea brewed from a single Rowan berry is drank to enhance ones psychic ability. The Rowan berry has a natural pentagram embossed on the berry.
OW-N: Insight in age. Ability in foreknowledge enhanced.
OW-E: Abundance of insight. Power of healing. Great activity.
OW-S: Happiness in creativity. Able to find own bliss. Relief. Using insight to bring happiness. Joyfully active.
OW-W: Healing. Inspiration enhances creativity.
MW-N: Challenge leads to increase in activity. Argument clears the air. Friction in creativity. Insight leads to friction.
MW-E: Prosperity from insight/healing. Foreknowledge used wisely. Successful creativity. Fruitful activity.
MW-S: Contentment in creativity. Insight brings contentment. Harmonious activity.
UW-N: Transformation from insight. Endings/new beginnings brought about through healing. New activities.
UW-E: Youthful activities. Growth of insight. Creativity enhanced.
UW-S: Energy for activities. Vitality of insight. Healing energy.
UW-W: Healing love. Insightfulness in love. Creativity brings pleasure.


Gort (Ivy) Developing skills/Learning

Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Saturn
The Ivy represents Female fertility and Friendship and is the feminine equivalent of the Holly. The ogham letter is G (Gort). The word Gort means “green fields”.
The Ivy is considered a very powerful plant. The ivy was dedicated to the Roman god Bacchus. The Ivy is also considered a warning tree when seen in visions.  Ivy is an aid to fertility and brings good luck.
OW-N: Gains in due time. Increasing wisdom.
OW-E: Abundance by persistence. Developing skills lead to favorable results. Learning brings gains.
OW-S: Joy of learning. Happiness is obtained by tenacity.
OW-W: Peace comes through tenacity. Inspired to learning. New skills discovered.
MW-N: Challenge in persistence. Friction leads to new skills developed. Difficult studies.
MW-E: Prosperity from new skills. Gains from persistence.
MW-S: Contentment found in new skills/learning. Harmony comes with effort and persistence.
MW-W: Learning emphasized. Learning involves new skills. Gains in knowledge through hard work/tenacity.
UW-N: Hard work pays off. Persistence transforms into tangible gains. Transformation through learning.
UW-E: Growth from learning. Growth of skills. Gains in youth through persistence.
UW-S: Energy to gain goals through tenacity. Vitality of learning. Energy to develop skills.
UW-W: Pleasure in a new skill/learning. Persistence in love succeeds.

Duir (Oak) Truth/Endurance/Strength

Gender – Male Element – Fire   Planet – Sun
The Oak is known as the King of trees. A wand made from this tree is known as a Priapic or Phallic wand. This is named for the Roman God of procreation, “Priapus”.
The end of the wand is generally tipped with an acorn or pinecone.
The Ogham (oy-yam) letter is D (Duir)
The Irish surname “MacDara” means son of oak. The Oak is associated with the Celtic God “Daghda”.
It is also associated with magick and male fertility.
To catch a falling oak leaf is said to bring you luck and prosperity. Oak is associated with weddings and fertility, as well as protection.
OW-N: Endurance of wisdom. Longevity.
OW-E: Abundance through strength/willpower.
OW-S: Happiness found in truth/inner strength.
OW-W: Inspiration of truth. Willpower brings peace.
MW-N: Able to endure challenges. Overcome obstacles.
MW-E: Endurance/willpower brings results. Prosperity in truth. Solid achievements.
MW-S: Contentment from overcoming obstacles. Harmony in truth. Creating own contentment through willpower.
MW-W: Learning truth. Overcome obstacles to learning. Strength in knowledge.
UW-N: Positive force applied to create transformation. Ending of obstacles. Truth revealed.
UW-E: Ability to overcome obstacles leads to growth. Growth through willpower. Youthful strength.
UW-S: Vitality of truth. Energy to overcome obstacles. Energy enhances strength. Vitality of willpower.
UW-W: Use of determination to secure love. Truth in love. Love conquers all.

1. What letter is this?
2. What does OW – E under Onn stand for?
3. OW – N under Duir is:  _________________________
4. The Ogham letter for Rowan is:
5. Which plant does this letter represent?
6. Duir is which tree?
7. Prosperity from new skills. Gains from persistence; is which realm and direction?





Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

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