Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Twelve – Divination – Interpretations of the 2 letter Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Twelve
Divination – Interpretations of the 2 letter Fews 

Onn (Gorse) Wisdom Collated/Life changes

Gender – Masculine Element – Fire Planet – Mars
Plant Gorse around your property to protect you from curses and/or hexes.
Use a broom made from Gorse to sweep negative influences from your home.
OW-N: Wisdom emphasized through opportunity. Life changes due to age. Wisdom gathered.
OW-E: Opportunity for abundance. Bountiful wisdom.
OW-S: Happiness from opportunity and wisdom applied to create life changes.
OW-W: Positive changes from gathered wisdom lead to peace. Inspiration generates life changes.
MW-N: Challenge causes positive changes. Friction in life changes through gathered wisdom.
MW-E: Wisdom harvested. Prosperity from knowledge. Opportunity for gains from education/learning.
MW-S: Contentment from gathered knowledge and positive changes. Harmony in life changes.
MW-W: Increased knowledge emphasized resulting in opportunities/positive changes/new life.
UW-N: Ending of harmony. Transformation through gathered knowledge and wisdom emphasized. Rapid changes for the better.
UW-E: Growth of opportunity. Increase in positive changes. Youthful approach to life.
UW-S: Energy to implement life changes. Vitality of knowledge and wisdom. Energetic changes.
UW-W: Knowledge increases capacity for love/pleasure. Wisdom is love. Opportunity in love. Positive changes in love/pleasure.

Luis (Rowan) Insight/Foreknowledge/Enlivening

Gender – Feminine Element – Fire Planet – Sun
Carry a piece of Rowan to increase psychic powers.
When traveling across the ocean, carry a piece of Rowan for protection.
Rowan is often connected with communication involving faeries.
The tea brewed from a single Rowan berry is drank to enhance ones psychic ability. The Rowan berry has a natural pentagram embossed on the berry.
OW-N: Insight in age. Ability in foreknowledge enhanced.
OW-E: Abundance of insight. Power of healing. Great activity.
OW-S: Happiness in creativity. Able to find own bliss. Relief. Using insight to bring happiness. Joyfully active.
OW-W: Healing. Inspiration enhances creativity.
MW-N: Challenge leads to increase in activity. Argument clears the air. Friction in creativity. Insight leads to friction.
MW-E: Prosperity from insight/healing. Foreknowledge used wisely. Successful creativity. Fruitful activity.
MW-S: Contentment in creativity. Insight brings contentment. Harmonious activity.
UW-N: Transformation from insight. Endings/new beginnings brought about through healing. New activities.
UW-E: Youthful activities. Growth of insight. Creativity enhanced.
UW-S: Energy for activities. Vitality of insight. Healing energy.
UW-W: Healing love. Insightfulness in love. Creativity brings pleasure.


Gort (Ivy) Developing skills/Learning

Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Saturn
The Ivy represents Female fertility and Friendship and is the feminine equivalent of the Holly. The ogham letter is G (Gort). The word Gort means “green fields”.
The Ivy is considered a very powerful plant. The ivy was dedicated to the Roman god Bacchus. The Ivy is also considered a warning tree when seen in visions.  Ivy is an aid to fertility and brings good luck.
OW-N: Gains in due time. Increasing wisdom.
OW-E: Abundance by persistence. Developing skills lead to favorable results. Learning brings gains.
OW-S: Joy of learning. Happiness is obtained by tenacity.
OW-W: Peace comes through tenacity. Inspired to learning. New skills discovered.
MW-N: Challenge in persistence. Friction leads to new skills developed. Difficult studies.
MW-E: Prosperity from new skills. Gains from persistence.
MW-S: Contentment found in new skills/learning. Harmony comes with effort and persistence.
MW-W: Learning emphasized. Learning involves new skills. Gains in knowledge through hard work/tenacity.
UW-N: Hard work pays off. Persistence transforms into tangible gains. Transformation through learning.
UW-E: Growth from learning. Growth of skills. Gains in youth through persistence.
UW-S: Energy to gain goals through tenacity. Vitality of learning. Energy to develop skills.
UW-W: Pleasure in a new skill/learning. Persistence in love succeeds.

Duir (Oak) Truth/Endurance/Strength

Gender – Male Element – Fire   Planet – Sun
The Oak is known as the King of trees. A wand made from this tree is known as a Priapic or Phallic wand. This is named for the Roman God of procreation, “Priapus”.
The end of the wand is generally tipped with an acorn or pinecone.
The Ogham (oy-yam) letter is D (Duir)
The Irish surname “MacDara” means son of oak. The Oak is associated with the Celtic God “Daghda”.
It is also associated with magick and male fertility.
To catch a falling oak leaf is said to bring you luck and prosperity. Oak is associated with weddings and fertility, as well as protection.
OW-N: Endurance of wisdom. Longevity.
OW-E: Abundance through strength/willpower.
OW-S: Happiness found in truth/inner strength.
OW-W: Inspiration of truth. Willpower brings peace.
MW-N: Able to endure challenges. Overcome obstacles.
MW-E: Endurance/willpower brings results. Prosperity in truth. Solid achievements.
MW-S: Contentment from overcoming obstacles. Harmony in truth. Creating own contentment through willpower.
MW-W: Learning truth. Overcome obstacles to learning. Strength in knowledge.
UW-N: Positive force applied to create transformation. Ending of obstacles. Truth revealed.
UW-E: Ability to overcome obstacles leads to growth. Growth through willpower. Youthful strength.
UW-S: Vitality of truth. Energy to overcome obstacles. Energy enhances strength. Vitality of willpower.
UW-W: Use of determination to secure love. Truth in love. Love conquers all.

1. What letter is this?
2. What does OW – E under Onn stand for?
3. OW – N under Duir is:  _________________________
4. The Ogham letter for Rowan is:
5. Which plant does this letter represent?
6. Duir is which tree?
7. Prosperity from new skills. Gains from persistence; is which realm and direction?





Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

Daily OM for January 13th – Making Life Yours

Making Life Yours

by Madisyn Taylor

A simple shift in attitude can help us recognize the hidden potential for fulfillment in every event.

There is no secret recipe for happiness and contentment. The individuals who move through life joyously have not necessarily been blessed with lives of abundance, love, success, and prosperity. Such people have, however, been blessed with the ability to take the circumstances they’ve been handed and make them into something great. Our individual realities are colored by perception—delight and despair come from within rather than without. Situations we regard as fortuitous please us while situations we judge inauspicious cause us no end of grief. Yet if we can look at all we have accomplished without dwelling on our perceived misfortune and make each new circumstance our own, the world as a whole becomes a brighter place. A simple shift in attitude can help us recognize and unearth the hidden potential for personal and outer world fulfillment in every event, every relationship, every duty, and every setback.

The universe is often an unpredictable and chaotic place, and the human tendency is to focus on the negative and assume the positive will care for itself. But life can be no more or no less than what you make of it. If you are working in a job you dislike, you can concentrate on the positive aspects of the position and approach your work with gusto. What can you do with this job that can turn it around so you do love it. When faced with the prospect of undertaking a task you fear, you can view it as an opportunity to discover what you are truly capable of doing. Similarly, unexpected events, when viewed as surprises, can add flavor to your existence. By choosing to love life no matter what crosses your path, you can create an atmosphere of jubilance that is wonderfully infectious. A change in perspective is all it takes to change your world, but you must be willing to adopt an optimistic, hopeful mind-set.

To make a conscious decision to be happy is not enough. You must learn to observe life’s complexities through the eyes of a child seeing everything for the first time. You must furthermore divest yourself of preconceived notions of what is good and what is bad so that you can appreciate the rich insights concealed in each stage of your life’s journey. And you must strive to discover the dual joys of wanting what you have. As you gradually shift your perspective, your existence will be imbued with happiness and contentment that will remain with you forever.

The Daily OM

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October 14 – Daily Feast

October 14 – Daily Feast

Contentment happens when our emotions give place to common things that in other times can draw little attention. It is releasing a deep inner peace that heals sadness and lifts a sagging spirit. Contentment is an intensely personal thing, adjusting to different people in its most effective way. It rides a shaft of sunlight to put on the gray bark of a tree, or it rises from laughter, deep and kind. It is nearly always unexpected and settles as softly as a bird lights on a limb. It is a remarkable fact that we simply let contentment happen. Socrates called it a natural wealth, but most have called it a miracle.

~ Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principle. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler