Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Thirteen – Divination – Interpretations of the 1 letter Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Thirteen
Divination – Interpretations of the 1 letter Fews   

Ailm (White Fir) Rulership/Vigor/Discernment

White Fir
Gender – Female Element – Fire Planet – Sun                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fir is burned for happiness; harmony; peace; inspiration; and wisdom.  The needles are burned at childbirth to bless and protect the mother and newborn child. The Fir is often used in shape shifting.
OW-N: Discretion in wisdom. Vigor in age. Secret wisdom.
OW-E: Discrete use of bounty. Vigorous abundance.
OW-S: Discretion ensures happiness. Happiness in rulership. Vigor in bliss.
OW-W: Secret inspiration. Discretion in peace.
MW-N: Challenge met with discreet rulership. Vigorous response. Secrecy breeds friction.
MW-E: Prosperous rulership. Gains from discretion/secrecy. Vitality in prosperity.
MW-S: Harmony from discretion. Contentment in rulership.
MW-W: Learning discretion. Secret knowledge. Aptitude for learning. Leader in education.
UW-N: Secrecy leads to transformation. New openness. Transformation of rulership.
UW-E: Growth of rulership. Growth of discretion/secrecy. Youthful vigor.
UW-S: Vigor emphasized. Energy for rulership.
UW-W: Secret love. Discretion in pleasure. Vigorous love. Dominance in love.

Muin (Vine) Introspection/Other Sight

Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Moon
In ancient times the festival of Dionysus was held in the spring when the leaves begin to reappear on the vine. Ivy is known as a plant of protection. It is also used for good luck and fidelity.
OW-N: Introspection in age. Introspective wisdom
OW-E: Bounty from other sight. Introspection leads to abundance.
OW-S: Happiness from looking inward.
OW-W: Inspiration from introspection. Peace through reflection.
MW-N: Challenge in self-analysis. Friction leads to introspection.
MW-E: Rewards reaped from reflection/introspection.
MW-S: Contentment found by introspection. Harmony based upon reflection.
MW-W: Learning through introspection/reflection. Knowledge comes from within/from other sight.
UW-N: Transformed by introspection/other sight.
UW-E: Growth from looking inward.
UW-S: Energy turned to introspection. Reflective youth.
UW-W: Introspective approach to love.

Beithe (Birch) Beginnings/Energy

Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Venus
According to the Celtic tree calendar, Birch is associated with inception and new beginnings. Originally a besom was made from the twigs of a Birch tree around a handle made of Ash and bound with strips of Willow.  Birch is used to protect one from lightning. And at one time baby cradles were made of birch twigs in order to protect them.
OW-N: Beginnings of wisdom. Energetic age.
OW-E: Abundant energy. Auspicious beginnings.
OW-S: Happiness from new beginning. Energy from bliss.
OW-W: Beginnings of inspiration. Unseen forces lead to inspiration and peace.
MW-N: Challenge pushes for new beginning. Energy from friction.
MW-E: Beginning of period of prosperity. Energy to bring matters to fruition.
MW-S: Contentment from new beginnings. Harmony with the unseen forces of growth.
MW-W: Beginning of learning/knowledge. Energy for learning. Subtle growth of knowledge.
UW-N: Ending leads to a new beginning. Transformative energy. Transformed by growth
UW-E: Growth emphasized. Youthful energy. Growth leads to new beginning.
UW-S: Energy emphasized. Vitality in new beginning. Vitality of quiet growth.
UW-W: Beginning of love/pleasure. Unseen forces of growth that work in love. Energy for love/pleasure.

Huath (Hawthorn) Pleasure/Misfortune/Cleansing

Gender – Masculine Element – Fire Planet – Mars
Hawthorn is often referred to as the fairy bush. It is also sacred to the Druids as noted by the verse oak, ash, and thorn.  In ancient Greece, crowns of hawthorn blossoms were made for wedding couples, and the wedding party all carried burning torches of hawthorn. Hawthorn is used in protective sachets and amulets to ward against negative influences.
OW-N: Pleasure in wisdom. Comfortable old age. Positive changes in age.
OW-E: Enjoyment of abundance.
OW-S: Cleansing brings happiness.
OW-W: Inspirational cleansing. Stimulating peace. Positivity.
MW-N: Challenge/friction may lead to misfortune or positive change.
MW-E: Harvest what is sown as either pleasure or misfortune. Prosperity from positive changes/cleansing.
MW-S: Harmony emphasized. Contentment from cleansing.
MW-W: Knowledge leads to positive changes. Pleasure is learning.
UW-N: Endings bring a positive change. Transformation through cleansing.
UW-E: Growth of pleasure. Youthful pleasures. Growth brings cleansing.
UW-S: Energy for positive changes. Vitality for pleasure.
UW-W: Pleasure emphasized. Enjoyment of love. Care needed to avoid misfortune in love.

1. What letter is this?
2. UW – E under Muin states: ______________
3. UW – W stands for:  ______________
4. Huath represents which tree?
5. Which letter is this?
6. Beithe is which tree?
7. OW – E under Huath states:  _____________





Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

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  1. You may want to set this series of articles in some fashion, so that they can be easily findable for those who may wish to reference them for later study. Perhaps as dedicated menu links in the navigation?

    This is some really good learning material. I missed out on a chance to take a “Celtic Tree-Year Course” that one of our local witches was doing when I was with the group.

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    1. You know you do come up with some good ideas. I will see what I can do about setting them up for easy reference. Crick has some excellent articles and courses like this one. I love his writing and admire him. He is probably one of the first writer I feel in love with his work. Than I got up the courage to write him one day and ask him if we could use one of his courses on our site. He was so nice. He also has a wonderful site. Unfortunately, his site is located on Homestead and I don’t know what is going on but Homestead is starting to eat some of his pages. I figure it is better to pull it now than have his wonderful research and writings lost forever.


      1. I noticed that about Homestead too!

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      2. I know Crick has worked on that site and did research for years. Now Homestead is starting to delete his pages, that isn’t right. He is a wonderful man and has some valuable information to pass on to the rest of us. I don’t understand Homestead. It looks like they would look at the site first before they just started deleting material. I know I wrote Crick and told him I was going to do my best to pull as much as I could. I know he doesn’t want it to go to waste nor do I. I am eventually going to talk him into coming over here, I hope. He is a Druid and has his own Grove, he might be too busy but it never hurts to ask. Speaking of asking…..

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      3. If you can contact him,

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        If archive.org has not gotten as screwed up with his historic content as they have about mine, you may try to find the missing content “archived” there.

        * *We have a section here on dragon magick, ever thought about writing an article or two for us.* *

        I would love to contribute as I can.

        * *I know you are an intelligent man and you try to intimidate those you think aren’t as smart as you. I take it as a compliment that you haven’t tried to intimidate me yet but I believe you know that wouldn’t be a very good idea.* *

        I really failed to see where that came from. I do not try anything of the sort. Intimidation is in no way an effective way to teach anything, but fear and loathing. Some of us are considered intimidating when we demonstrate a depth of experience. There is no “thinking I’m smarter than everyone else” here.

        Not to also mention that “smarts” from book knowledge is not the same as “smarts” from living and experiencing. It also helps to understand that age, by itself, is not the sole determinant of wisdom; It is how well one learns from the experiences of those years, and how well one applies that knowledge and experience. – If that is so intimidating to so many, then I guess the fearful would see fit to put all of us older members of society permanently “out to pasture”?

        There again,

        To be misunderstood, is a fact of life.


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