Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Eleven – Divination – Interpretations of the 3 letter Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Eleven 
Divination – Interpretations of the 3 letter Fews  

Ur (Heather) – Fervor, Gateway, Success, Gains

Heather Gender – Feminine
Element – Water Planet – Venus
Heather is carried to guard against rape and other sexual assaults. It is also carried for good luck. White is used to cool passions of unwanted suitors. Red Heather is used for passion, to start or end an affair. Purple is for spiritual development.
Heather is said to bring rain when it is burned outside along with Fern.
OW – N: Wisdom provides a gateway to strong self expression/gains.
OW- E: Success brings abundance.
OW – S: Happiness through strong self-expression. Gains bring bliss.
OW – W: Inspirational fervor. Peace from success.
MW_ N: Friction leads to strong self-expression. Challenge brings success.
MW – E: Highly successful, many gains. Fervor and self-expression reap successful harvest.
MW – S: Harmony from successes. Strong self-expression moderated for contentment and gains.
MW – W: Gains in knowledge/learning. Self-expression in knowledge. Philosopher. Education is a gateway to success.
UW – N: Self-expression is a gateway to transformation. Gains dwindle and new forms for success need to be found.
UW – E: Success is a gateway to growth. Youthful self-expression.
UW – S: Energy and fervor invigorate self-expression and gains.
UW – W: Enjoyment of self-expression. Pleasure from success. Ardent in pursuit of love and pleasure.

Ngetal (Reed) – Harmony, Inner development

Reed Gender – Masculine Element – Air Planet – Mars
The Reed symbolizes Purification, Protection, and Fertility.
The common reed in England is called Broom and is often called “Scotch Broom”.
The panpipes of the Greek god Pan are made from reeds. Pan was turned into half a man and half goat by the Greek God, Apollo.
This occurred when Pan beat Apollo at a musical instrument contest.
The Pied Piper of Hamelin played his magickal tune on a pipe which was made from reeds.
Wands made from reed/broom are used in purification and protection spells
OW – N: Age/Wisdom brings internal transformation/development.
OW – E: Abundance comes from inner development.
OW – S: Happiness lies in internal transformation.
OW – W: Harmony from inspiration. Peacefulness within.
MW – N: Harmony difficult to maintain. Inner development challenged. Friction leads to internal transformation.
MW – E: Balance is harvest of inner development.
MW – S: Harmony/Contentment emphasized through internal transformation.
MW – W: Knowledge/Learning has a profound, transformative effect.
UW – N: Transformation emphasized through internal development and harmony. End of harmony through internal transformation.
UW – E: Growth of harmony. Youthful inner transformation. Emphasis of inner development.
UW – S: Energy for internal transformation/Inner. Vitality for harmony.
UW – W: Internal transformation/Inner development through love. Harmony in pleasure.

Fearn (Alder) – Inner strength, Foundations

Gender – Masculine Element – Fire & Water Planet – Venus
A wand made of the Alder is used to attract and communicate with faeries.
It’s ogham letter is F (Fearn). The Alder is also known as the wood of spiritual protection.
Carry a small piece of Alder for protection, when going on a long sea voyage.
The Alder measuring wand was called a “Fe”. It was used by the Celts to measure the dead.
OW – N: Wisdom emphasized as awareness ends doubts. Inner strength through wisdom/age.
OW – E: Foundation of abundance. Awareness/appreciation of bounty. Generosity.
OW – S: Foundation of happiness. Bliss from awareness/end of doubts. Satisfaction.
OW – W: Inspiration to inner strength. Peace through end of doubt.
MW – N: Friction leads to ending of doubts. Challenge brings inner strength.
MW – E: Prosperity from determination.
MW – S: Contentment from awareness and end of doubts. Harmony from inner strength.
MW – W: Learning ends doubts. Foundation of knowledge brings inner strength.
UW – N: Awareness is transformative. Ending of doubts emphasized. Inner strength develops.
UW – E: Growth of awareness to overcome doubts. Youthful foundation of inner strength.
UW – S: Vitality of inner strength. Energy to open awareness.
UW – W: Love faced with full awareness. Inner strength brings pleasure. Doubt free love.

Tinne (Holly) – Balance, Retribution

Gender – Male Element – Fire Planet – Mars                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Holly Holly is a tree that is also sacred to the Druids. Holly is carried as a charm of protection.
It is placed within the home to dispel negative energy from others. The Holly tree is known as a symbol of goodwill, peace, health and happiness
During the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, it was common practice to adorn gifts with Holly.
Holly has the name of Christ-thorn because of the Christian legend that the Holly first sprang up under the footsteps of Christ as he trod the earth and its thorny leaves and scarlet berries are likened to drops of blood symbolic of his suffering.
Holly guards against lightening, poisoning and evil spirits, and when planted around the home it protects the inhabitants from dark witchcraft. Carry a piece of Holly for good luck or place a piece under your pillow for symbolic dreams.
OW – N: Age and wisdom bring new challenges for balance.
OW – E: Balance needed in decisions affecting bounty.
OW – S: Choices to be made for happiness.
OW – W: Peace through balance.
MW – N: Challenges to balance mounting. Retribution/justice. Care needed in making decisions in time of friction.
MW – E: Balance needed for prosperity. Choices determine the harvest.
MW – S: Contentment from balance. Harmony affected by decisions.
MW – W: Learning determined by conscious decisions. Balanced education. Tests of knowledge.
UW – N: Endings from retribution. Transformation to balance by decisions.
UW – E: Balanced growth. Tests in youth. Decisions/choices affect growth.
UW – S: Energy to maintain balance. Vitality to overcome tests. Choices approached with vigor.
UW – W: Balance in love and pleasure. Love a matter of decisions rather then emotion. Pleasure/love test balance. Retribution in love.
1. Which ogham letter is this?
2. Success brings abundance represents which world/realm?
3. Tinne, represents which tree?
4. This letter,        represents, Fervor, Gateway, ________ and  ______.
5. The interpretation for OW – S: under Fearn is:
6. What does these letters stand for, UW – N?
7. Holly is what Ogham letter?





Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

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