WOTC Extra – Spells Create Change That You Can’t Always See


Spells Create Change That You Can’t Always See


When you think about witches casting spell you probably see an image in your mind of black clad women stirring a steaming large black pot over a fire. Or maybe you think of a witch waving a wand and turning a prince into a frog, or vice versa. But that’s Disney magic. Real magic is often very subtle and hard to detect. So you have to be on the lookout for small changes after you cast a spell.

When you cast a spell you are directing energy that will create change like the ripples in a pond. The changes that are created often won’t be obvious or dramatic. But the spells that you cast will result in events unfolding to give you the opportunity to make huge changes in your life. You have to be paying attention and you have to seize the opportunities.

Often people who are new to Wicca will think that a spell they cast didn’t work because they won’t be looking for the signs that it did work. For example if you cast a spell to get a new job you probably will not get a call out of the blue from the company you have been dying to work for. But, you might find yourself talking to a stranger at a party or on the train who works at that company and can recommend you for a job to HR department. Or if you want to move up at your current company a job might open up that would be perfect for you.

If you cast a spell for more money a stack of money won’t just appear, and the winning lottery numbers probably won’t either. But you might find a unique opportunity for a part time income like teaching something that you love. Be ready for all the opportunities that spells will create for you.



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Desmond Blair