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Dragon Day Spell


Today is the day to use dragon energy. Dragon energy is straightforward, so be careful for what you ask. You will receive it in the most direct way. Be very specific. Dragon logic is not human logic. Dragon moves from A to B, and simply removes anything in its way. For example: an acquaintance asked Dragon, without going into specifics, to change her living situation. As a result, a few days later there was a fire in her apartment building, and she was left without a place to live. That’s a change, but it was not the one she wanted! Dragon energy is great for removing blocks, but only use it when you are determined to make a change.

Using Dragon energy when you fear change will backfire on you. Pick something in your life that you wish to unblock. Find an image of a dragon that you feel connected to. Decorate your altar using bright colors and shiny, sparkly accessories. Cast a circle. Invite Dragon energy to join you in the ritual. Discuss the situation thoroughly with Dragon; consider the options, and request Dragon’s help in a way that will harm none. Ground and close the circle. You should feel energized at the end of the ritual. Dragon energy usually works quickly and in unexpected ways, so be aware of everything around you—as rapid change is on its way.

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