Let’s Talk Witch – Spells Should be Cast In Harmony with the Lunar Cycle


Let’s Talk Witch – Spells Should be Cast In Harmony with the Lunar Cycle


Magic is done according to the lunar cycle. Spells that are done to increase things like love, prosperity, peace and so on should always be done during the full moon or the day just before the full moon. The fullness of the moon will attract abundance, so any spells done to attract good things during the full moon will put out an energy of abundance.

Spells that are done to take away anxiety, take away fear, or decrease stress should be done during the new moon or while the moon is waning. The energy of the moon during this cycle is focused on lessening so the energy of the moon will make the spell more effective. Spells done for spiritual awakening, learning, or divination should always be done only during the new moon.

If you’re not sure when you should do a particular spell ask yourself what the real purpose of the spell is. Clarify your intentions and then it should be clear what phase of the moon will help that spell be effective. You can keep track of the moon phases with a Farmer’s Almanac or just by checking online. If you have trouble keeping track of the Lunar Cycle you can make yourself a calendar and hang it on the wall so that you will always know when you should perform a certain spell.

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Desmond Blair