Daily Cosmic Calendar for September 27

There have been a good-sized share of planetary shake-ups this September and that trend continues today. The Moon uniting with Neptune in Pisces (12:02AM PDT) can open a gateway to seeing into the future ahead of time, but it may also increase the tendency to be confused. Shocks and surprises may be more commonplace during the next few hours as Venus in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio (1:50AM PDT), Mercury forms a frictional, 45-degree tie with Juno (5:38AM PDT) and while the Sun makes a contra-parallel with Uranus (7:21AM PDT).  This is definitely not the right time to make love proposals to the object of your affection. Venus at loggerheads with Mars suggests that you may want to take a time-out from hot and heavy relationship bonds. The Mercury-Juno and Sun-Uranus link-ups only reinforce the notion that a time on the sidelines may clear your mind and heart of turmoil.  The monthly Moon-Chiron union (9:28AM PDT) attempts to bring solace to harried partnerships while a supportive, 60-degree tie from Venus to Vesta (1:50PM PDT) may be able to energize your investment outlook. Nevertheless, for some strange reason, Mars insists on disturbing the scene again by making an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Vesta (11:52PM PDT). Now the tables are turned and it is wise to play a waiting game regarding business matters and your financial resources.  Start getting ready for Saturday night’s powerful Full Moon.