Daily Cosmic Calendar for September 8

This is one of those days when hope is trying to spring eternal due to the monthly lunar union with Jupiter in Gemini (4:14AM PDT). Anytime the Moon hooks up with providential and happy-go-lucky Jupiter, there can be a feeling that fortunate vibes are present and that golden opportunities are within your grasp.  However, just two hours after the lunar rendezvous with Jupiter, the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase clocks in (activating 17 degrees of Virgo and Gemini at 6:16AM PDT). There is a need to cut through obstacles in your path — particularly your mental and even spiritual pathway. Even if you don’t perceive a block or frustration preventing you from moving upward and onward, you may need to meditate for clarity and lift your consciousness to higher levels of awareness.  The cosmos gives you a further enhancement several hours later when the Moon unites with Vesta (1:45PM PDT). This is a reminder to make sure you are protecting your home and business environments, and that your insurance coverage is up to date. Learn more about stock, bond, precious-metal and commodity markets to strengthen your investment IQ. A fellowship gathering or sisterhood meeting may be in the works.  Another potential pothole today is that Mercury in Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini (5:15PM PDT). Think carefully before you speak and act. Moving too fast or trying to do too many things at the same time can backfire. Slow your tempo and really commune with the birds, trees and sky.  Let the good times roll later tonight at one of your favorite places of entertainment as the Moon in Gemini approaches its monthly union with productive, nurturing Ceres (forming exactly at 2:07AM PDT tomorrow morning).