Unblocking Chakras



It is vital to the energetic health of the patient that the upward flow of energy through the chakra system, and the flow of energy into and through each chakra, be maintained. If you have sensed that a chakra is blocked-that the energy stops its normal flow at that chakra-it is possible to restore the healthy upward energy flow.

Unblocking of chakras is done during the normal round of hand positions-with the hands on the chakra in the same position, and at the same time, as regular hand placement. When you have detected a blocked chakra at a certain location, clear it in the following way:

As you lay the hands on that chakra point during the normal course of treatment, visualize the appropriate symbol (see the diagram) in the proper way during the full time you treat that chakra, and at the same time visualize, intend and sense that a blockage in the upward flow of energy is being removed-visualize the energy that is flowing upwards through the spine, at that chakra point, flowing through the chakra, the blockage in the chakra being removed as it does so. You may find it easier to visualize the symbol and the chakra clearing with your eyes closed, as you learn. With a little practice will be able to visualize in the proper manner with your eyes open, as you practice this technique, and this is to be desired.

The symbols are each related to a certain manner of energy flow, and this energetic nature of the symbols relates to the chakras in this way. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, for example, bear a relationship to the Circle in their energetic functioning. The 4th, 5th and 6th chakras bear a relationship to the energetic nature of the Trine. The 7th chakra bears a close energetic relationship to the Star. Accessing the energetic nature of these symbols (and hence that of the corresponding chakra) through visualization, combined with the visualization of the chakra clearing, provides the effectiveness of this technique-the energy flow through the chakra is cleared, and the blockage is removed.

If you have perceived that a blockage of the first chakra exists, it must be treated in a slightly different way, as placing the hands on the corresponding body area (the genital region) is not done. The hands of any person, however, are receptive channels for the body energy, and the patient’s hands may be used to treat this chakra.

To clear the first chakra:

Place your hands on the patient’s hands, with each of your palms on a palm of your patient. As you send in the energy, visualize the Circle, and visualize-intend and sense-that the first chakra is being cleared. This will not be as focused a clearing as would be provided with direct hand placement, but will assist considerably.

As the diagram implies, the symbols are also associated with regions of the body as well. The Circle is associated with the abdomen below the diaphragm, the Trine with the area above the diaphragm up to the third eye, and the Star with the crown of the head. Visualization on the appropriate symbol during the laying-on-of-hands on supplementary areas may also be done. For example, when treating problems in the lower abdomen, you may, if you have sensed that it is appropriate, use a visualization of the Circle while placing the hands in supplementary positions after the usual chakra positions. Use of the symbols during treatment of positions other than blocked chakras will not be required on most patients, however, but if you sense it will benefit a particular condition you encounter, use it. It may interest you to know, also, that while one symbol predominates in each of these areas, elements of the others are also present.