Daily Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, May 27th

Back on March 21 – two days after the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and one day before a potent New Moon – we all experienced a Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction while Mercury was retrograde and between the Earth and Sun. As the eminent astrologers Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar so clearly wrote in the 20th century, a Sun-Mercury-Earth alignment with Mercury in reverse is equivalent to a New Mercury. However, several months later, there is a Full Mercury – like the one happening today at 7 degrees of Gemini (4:20AM PDT), but where Mercury is on the far side of the Sun and moving at top speed. Thus, our Full Mercury is equivalent to a Full Moon – where enlightened thoughts and ideas are ripe for the picking. Adding to the festive environment – artistically and socially – is a Moon-Venus supportive, 60-degree rapport (6:58AM PDT). Revelations continue to pour in when Mercury makes a constructive, 60-degree alliance with its higher-octave guardian planet Uranus (4:37PM PDT). Hit the metaphysical and scientific books with a vengeance. Meanwhile, emotional volatility can be rising as the Moon parallels the red planet Mars (4:52PM PDT). Shortly thereafter, the Moon begins a void lunar cycle at 4:55PM PDT – lasting until 11:07PM PDT when the Moon enters industrious and meticulous Virgo. Finish odds and ends during the 6+ hour void lunar cycle, but don’t launch major undertakings. Get extra rest and sleep overnight as the celestial spotlight remains centered on Mercury’s many alignments.