Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 26th

Upward and onward! There should be little hesitation going on during this freewheeling Saturday. The Moon in Leo forms a constructive and creative, 60-degree link with the Sun in Gemini (1:42AM PDT). Adding excitement and stimulation to the psychic atmosphere is a flowing trine between the Moon and Uranus in fire signs (5:45AM PDT). This could be a banner day for antique hunters and collectible aficionados as estate sales, auctions and art fairs look promising. Your productivity quotient is ready to soar into the stratosphere as the Moon parallels Ceres (12:26PM PDT). Anytime Ceres receives the good-housekeeping seal of approval from the Moon, there is an extra emphasis on eating more nutritious foods and improving your diet. Find time to let your inner child run the show under the happy energy-field sustained by Leo Moon. Attend a piano recital, musical concert or new film showing at your local theater. Be prepared to receive the incoming tide of cosmic seed-ideas – eager to enter and simultaneously enlighten human minds – as the Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction happens on Sunday morning.


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