Your Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for May 18


The fact that the Moon, moving through your sign, is putting direct pressure on Saturn and your relationships, creating some relationship pressure and pushing some buttons, might actually work to your advantage. For with the doors now open to second chances, this creates the right push at the right time.


While you’re not out of the woods yet, pressure on Mars and your romantic situation has now peaked and from this point on will begin to ease. As this was the final hurdle you had to face and there was never any avoiding this, nurture a growing sense of confidence that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an illusion.


On the romantic front the focus is now exclusively on the past, with the door remaining open to second chances until later next month. Venus, planet of love will remain in retrograde motion in your sign for the next 72 days, giving you time to take a leisurely stroll down love’s memory lane and to explore the past at your own pace.


There is always more than one version of reality and that’s especially so when it comes to your perception of the past. As you work to tie up loose ends on any work/life balance issues, look to the past for guidance, taking responsibility for acknowledging what your relationships and love life need from you.


While you have no planetary activity in your relationship sector, the planet that will kick things off for the year when he returns next month is Mercury, planet of communication. While you can’t make that happen any sooner you can get a jump on things by working now to ensure that the communication lines are open.


There is likely to be a sense of relief in the air today, for while there may still be some relationship pressure or tension the worst is behind you. It was yesterday that pressure between Mars in your sign and Chiron in your relationship sector peaked, with a chance now to focus on the healing and the opportunity for a breakthrough this has created.


Don’t be surprised or alarmed if there is some relationship intensity or even pressure today, as the Moon works to push as many buttons before leaving. The more you can get things out in the open the better, with the Moon evoking emotional responses aimed at getting your attention and alerting you to where you need to pay attention.


Urgency and even intensity on the romantic front begins easing back from today, as you realise that there is no urgency and that you really can’t hurry love. On the relationship front things are very different with a new sense of urgency setting in, especially when it comes to taking responsibility, realising that you can’t get back what you don’t put in.


In his final hours in your romantic sector the Moon is working to give you an intuitive read on your heart, that you’re able to hold onto after he’s gone. This is the Moon’s first visit to your romantic sector since the main planetary thrust for the year ended, leaving you with an intuitive sense of where to from here.


You’re in a transition period, between a romantically charged period that is about to run its course and a more professionally charged period that will eventually take over. Already these are starting to overlap, with a need to be really vigilant when it comes to finding the right work/life balance and the right balance between work and play.


In just 3 days time both the Sun and Moon will return to your romantic sector, aligning to form a solar eclipse that will open the door to some major new beginnings. Until then make the most of the fact that Venus, the only planet currently in your romantic sector, is in retrograde motion, with the door to the past and second chances now wide open.


While there is still likely to be some relationship pressure and intensity, it has already peaked and you should be feeling it ease back, enough anyway to see what lies behind it. This was the last hurdle you needed to cross, with a chance today to get inside anything that’s pushing your buttons and use this as a chance for both healing and a breakthrough.