Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for Friday, May 18th


You may be making sudden and impulsive changes to your finances. Be careful before you invest in real estate or home improvements though, because Saturn is working overtime in your “home and family” sector. That brings unexpected breakdowns, governmental restrictions, zoning hassles and strange encounters with cranky neighbors.


Your attitude towards a specific relationship or partnerships in general will be changing today as a result of an intuition, dream or impression. Listen to your feelings carefully. You may be thinking of making a relationship more formal.


If you want to make the chores go more smoothly today turn on the radio or CD player, grab a mop and bucket and dance your home clean. You can have a good time getting ordinary daily chores cleared up if you put yourself in the right mindset.


You have a high degree of physical energy today, which could prove delightful to your significant other in more ways than one. You are energetic and active, and interested in trying new things. You have something of an impulsive streak in you right now.


Friends, companions, and siblings will bring great joy. Someone you know could be adding to their family. Someone else may be given an award for their creative skills and talents. Celebrate in moderation, because someone near you is on the sobriety trail.


You are going to be on the telephone a lot today. Your loved ones and relatives may have shocking news, but the changes that are coming you and your family will welcome with great excitement. You will be passionate, creative and highly verbal today.


You can make more money if you are willing to take a stand on your own merits right now. If you are already successful, this means using your name or likeness to promote yourself. If not, it means being willing to believe that you deserve to succeed for who you are.


You are feeling extremely talkative and chatty today, and it is a good thing you have a friend or companion who feels the same, otherwise the two of you would talk some poor soul’s ears off. There is good news traveling on the gossip lines right now.


Expect positive experiences with your religious or spiritual growth. You have witnessed a profound healing and are eager to experience this for yourself. Keep an open mind and heart, but don’t expect the same results as others have, you have your own path to walk.


A friendship is developing in new and important ways. You may share a moment of insight, or take time together to explore shared spiritual interests. Meditating or praying together could bring you closer and open up new ways for you to understand one another.


You’ll be thinking about the future. Which road do you want to take, and do you hope to enjoy the journey? You won’t get anywhere sitting on your behind, that’s for sure. If you want to make a dream come true, this is the time for action, not dreaming.


Your ninth house of education, travel, and publicity is heating up again, and this time there are equal measures of joy and frustration. Expect Divine chaos. You may have to make a detour that takes you past a big sale. Or your flight is rebooked, and you get a better seat.


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