Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 15th

The Moon in Pisces makes supportive, 60-degree ties to Jupiter (2:10AM PDT) and the Sun (5:00AM PDT). The first hook-up is a definite mind-expander and optimism-booster. The Moon connection with the Sun – as it is building up to exactitude – is equally auspicious, but in a more general, all-around manner. However, once the Moon and Sun reach their precise 60-degree rapport, the lunar orb becomes void until 2:47PM PDT when the Moon enters fiery Aries. It is during this void uncertainty zone that Venus comes to a halt at 24 degrees of Gemini (7:34AM PDT) and begins six-weeks of retrograde motion that lasts until June 27. Venus is only retrograde every 18 months and it is now an excellent time to review and re-evaluate everything Venusian – love bonds, beauty themes, social activities, your creative artistic expression, ways to save money, your personal magnetism, and your value system – developed since your childhood and through the educational and business realms. It is especially wise for all women to take stock of their primary partnerships and come up with new ways to improve or transform those partnerships. In general, both men and women need to be more sensitive and understanding to the dear ones who help to turn their world around on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Moon unites with Pallas in Pisces (1:34PM PDT) toward the end of the void lunar cycle. Problem-solving is in focus, but because the Moon is void-of-course, the solutions to difficulties may not be that easy to realize. Once the Moon enters Aries (2:47PM PDT), be more gung-ho and assertive concerning pet projects, hobbies, arts and crafts. A potentially strong impediment to forward progress may stand in your way since Mars makes a frictional, 45-degree tie to Saturn (5:07PM PDT). First it was gentle Venus putting several blips on the cosmic radar screen; now it is the two traditional malefic planets that conspire to add numerous insults to injury. Stay out of trouble to the best of your ability as you need to prepare for a day of many ups and downs tomorrow.