The Elemental Aura

The Elemental Aura

Author: Bluethorne

Greetings to you all,

I have written many things in the past concerning the aura and its impact on the daily lifestyles and healing aspects of the world. In almost all of the articles and papers I’ve written on this, I’ve delved into myself for an enlightening answer to the path that unites the mundane world with the retro-spiritual or elemental world.

I have developed a very thorough and well thought-out path on the earning of this, which goes well beyond any lazy eye tricks or alterations of the mind. I have taught and written on my website about the ‘awakening of the senses’ and their path to visiting the auras within us and in the world around us. I have not truly taught this path to anyone, yet I will delve into it here for you now.

I know that most things of this sort are discovered and documented from the perspective of the creator. So I will offer my perspective as well on this with the hope that it could possibly be of use to someone.

I have had this idea that all things are parts of ‘one’ whole being and are mimicked and duplicated in certain ways to turn into the fashions that they are brought forth in our world. And with thi,s we have the mundane world (the life we see everyday, the non magickal and boring life which society has decayed our real world into). With this decayed society, we can think of it like an outer shell of the world, the shell which all things are part of which we see, and just beyond that lies many other paths of worldly view.

If we visit a local sanctuary or park, we may see certain things that society has brought up to gather our attention such as the many colorful manmade structures or awful things that are disheartening to the world. Yet beyond these lie the natural world, the grasses, trees, plants, flowers, and the sky.

If we learn to look past the mundane world into the natural world, we will begin to feel a harmony growing within us as the natural life cycles of the world begin to rear their wheels into motion at the sensitivity we are now focusing upon it. It becomes more ‘real’ then before and now these things speak out to us. We can hear them and feel them if we learn to look and feel as they do.

When we have learned this path of natural harmony, we begin to feel the power of the world lending us its elemental focus and channeling all of the powers of its creation to us. When this begins to happen — if we utilize the same attention we focused towards the natural world by looking past the mundane and into it and becoming part of it — we will begin to feel the elements of the world opening up to us and the elemental world will become visible to us.

Just as we focused on the natural, we will now focus our intents on the elemental world, the world that lies beyond the natural, within it, around it, and below it. We will see the sky as the Air and feel its empowering winds. The enlightenment of its channeling powers will become one with us.

The Earth will open up to us and hold us still as a centering block that all emotional and physical disruption will break upon.

The Waters will flow within us as the waters of life and we will see the connection between ourselves and the waters of the world as the lifeblood of all things natural.

And the Fires will burn within us and all around us, bringing great courage and forthcoming advances in all things to us, so that we may open our minds and hearts to the path of the elements.

With this new becoming — if we simply open our eyes and look past the natural and into the elemental world — we will see the connection that the elements hold to our auras. And in looking at our ethereal self in the same fashion as we would hold towards viewing the elemental world, we will see our auras and the mimicking encounters with the elemental world will be now visible to us in all things.

The world will be our stage and our hearts will be our will. The elemental aura will flow within us and the paths of all things good will now are with us. We will require no strange eye techniques or afflictions that may alter the body (or give special attention to certain folk who can see the aura over others), as all will see and view the world as one.

The aura extends past ourselves to every part of this world that we call life. All plant life, mineral life, animal life, and even the life of the dead, will be visible to us in the elemental aura form.

Through this we can learn many of the magicks that elude us: herbal crafts become an art form that ties the auras together in certain beautiful fashions to create herbal cures and tonics for all that may ail us.

Ritual work now becomes an extension of the self through the elementally auric world to emit a channeling of energy through the elemental pathways to manifest our wills.

Divination becomes a simple alteration of the elemental auras in certain ways to view their altered states and the paths that they take in their alterations.

By being one with the element, and viewing its state in the future, we can become as the elements are and see our own futures (as the candle burns, as the water evaporates, etc).

Many other paths are available to us that I will not go into at the moment, but I feel that this is a great and natural path that we should all take the time to learn. It is so enlightening and loving beyond most things of this world.

I can guarantee that if you work this path, you will succeed and the world will be a better place all around you. The elements, the trees, the Goddess, all things will love you for the dedication you show towards becoming as nature should be and for attending to its will.

Brightest Blessings,



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