Your Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for May 14th


In her final days in direct motion in your communication sector Venus, planet of love is not only slowing down, she’s drawing closer to an alliance with Saturn in your relationship sector. This is giving you a chance to ensure that the communication lines are open on the relationship front, with the promise of second chances ahead.


If there is any pressure or roadblocks on the romantic front use this as a chance to both see what’s pushing your buttons and why, but also as an excuse to come out of your corner fighting. Romantic passions are tired of being suppressed and chances are the more you or life’s realities try and suppress them, the more likely they are to rebel.


Venus, planet of love has reached a point where it’s obvious that she is not going to leave your sign anytime soon and that you are now into unchartered waters, with this anything but what you would normally expect from the planet of love. Instead of moving on Venus is staying by your side, ready to work with you to turn your love life around.


Support between Mercury, planet of communication and Pluto, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector peaks today, giving you a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice. That won’t always be possible and if you can’t say what needs to be said to the person you’d like to say it to, then still voice it to yourself, setting unsaid words free.


When the Moon left your relationship sector yesterday he left you with an intuitive understanding of where things stand on the relationship front and having had a chance to tap into old relationship dreams and fantasies. Hold onto this even though the Moon has moved on, for it’s giving you a chance to regain some authenticity.


It’s the Moon’s position in your relationship sector today that may be stirring up some emotional responses and pushing some buttons, but it’s also getting your attention ahead of some defining relationship days. Keep this separate from all things romantic, where there is both an opportunity and a challenge to move out of a romantic rut.


The Moon only left your romantic sector yesterday, but while it will be relatively easy to tap back into the romantic emotions and feelings evoked over the last few days they will evaporate if not nurtured. Hold onto the romantic fantasies and sense of hope this created, breaking some of the seriousness of late.


The Moon’s position in your romantic sector today is giving you an intuitive read on your heart and any pressure or tension that might be building. At what is an important and defining time for your relationships, with the Sun and lucky Jupiter aligned in your relationship sector, strong emotional responses will make it hard to miss what your heart is trying to tell you.


With Mercury gone from your romantic sector and a very active and defining 3 months behind you, it’s more about keeping things on track while you put more focus on your relationships. It’s in Venus, planet of love’s final days in direct motion in your relationship sector that you need to stay in the moment, refusing to rush or push things.


Having the Moon in your communication sector as an alignment between the Sun and lucky Jupiter in your romantic sector peaks, gives you a chance to give your heart a voice. There is a new sense of urgency developing and a sense that you need to become more proactive, with a chance today to ask for or to verbalise what you want from love.


It’s hard to believe that you’re just 7 days away from a solar eclipse in your romantic sector that will open the door to new beginnings and unexpected opportunities, for right now it seems like things are slowing right down. It seems that way because it is that way with Venus, planet of love slowing things down to a crawl.


Pay attention to anything that pushes your buttons or creates some relationship tension, getting behind what’s pushing your buttons and why you’re having the reactions you are. You’re about to move into some intense and potentially challenging relationship days, but there is also the potential for a breakthrough, especially if you pay attention.