Your Horoscopes for the Week of May 14th


The focus is on two key areas of your chart this week and these areas just happen to represent the pending end of one era and the pending start of a new era, with the two starting to overlap. It’s on the income front that an era is coming to an end with Jupiter’s 12 month visit to your income sector coming to an end on the 12th June. As the Sun spends his last week in your income sector, Mercury his first, last and only full week and the Moon making his last visit over the weekend, this is a week for putting all your cards on the table. It’s on the communication front that a new era is also dawning and while next Monday’s solar eclipse will open the door to new beginnings Venus’ retrograde turn on Wednesday will open the door to second chances, especially on the relationship front.


The heavens are going all out to make the last week of your birthday month count and to give your new solar year the kind of send off that is destined to make this one of your power weeks. It’s on Monday, a week to the day before the Sun is due to leave your sign that his alignment with Jupiter peaks, giving you the confidence and motivation to make the final days of your solar return count. With Mercury spending his first, last and only full week in your sign and the Moon returning on Friday, giving you an intuitive edge in the final hours of your birthday month you’re able to get things up to speed in a smart and intuitive way. Even though you’ll have to wait for next week for some major new developments on the income front, the door to second chances opens on the income and work fronts.


With the Sun due to not only return to your sign next Monday, but the Moon as well, kicking your new solar year off with a solar eclipse, you’re counting down the days to one of your most powerful solar returns ever. With lucky Jupiter returning next month, Mercury next week and Venus already here, chances are you already have a sense that something big is pending. It’s in this final week of your old solar year that you’re able to close old doors and embrace a sense of nostalgia. Even though Venus is already in your sign she’ll turn retrograde on Wednesday, increasing a sense of nostalgia in the air. The irony is that the closer you get to a future that begins next week, the more potent a sense of nostalgia is likely to become. It seems that the path to the future lies through the past.


There are two major themes dominating things this week and at first glance they are completely contradictory. On one hand the Sun and Mercury and even the Moon by the weekend, are throwing their full weight and support behind what is a powerful week for networking, connecting and togetherness. On the other hand a desire for seclusion, for alone time and to wallow in a mix of nostalgia and sentimentality is only going to increase, with your daydreams becoming more vivid and alone time more precious. Yet with some smart thinking and clear boundaries you’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds, disappearing into your own world when you want to and becoming fully engaged and plugged in when you need to be. You get to choose how that balance is split.


This is such a powerful week on the priorities front that it is likely to drown almost everything else out. While there is no doubt that your professional game needs as much of your attention as possible, the all or nothing days of the past are over. You’re starting to realise that it’s not about being on the job 24/7 and blocking everything else out and that it’s more about working smarter, capitalising on the time and resources you do have and seizing the advantages on offer. That will mean that you will have to make some compromises and other areas of your life, especially your relationships and your personal life, won’t get your full attention, but then they don’t need it. Avoid sweating the small stuff or seeing challenges where there are none.


There are two main themes this week and while they may appear to be contradictory, if managed well this can work to your advantage. The Moon’s visit to your work sector over the weekend allows you to move into a professionally charged week with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, with Venus’ retrograde turn in your career sector on Wednesday opening the door to second chances. Yet this is also the Sun’s last week in and adventurous part of your chart and Mercury’s first, last and only full week and for both their last full week with lucky Jupiter for another 12 years. The Sun and Mercury will return to your career sector next week and with a solar eclipse next Monday things are about to become even more professionally focused. Embrace a sense of adventure while you can.


As financially charged as this week is, already you’re waking up to the fact that the best things in life are free and that it’s not always all about the money. This allows you to put things into perspective, which will make it even easier to manage what is destined to be a defining week on the financial front. With luck on your side, financial vision and objectivity, a smart head for money and by the weekend a nose for money as well, you have the resources to put your financial game on the right track. Yet as Venus turns retrograde in an adventurous part of your chart and with even more opportunities to throw open the shutters and windows of your world from next week, this brings a real sense that money is simply a means to an end. Simply going through the motions is no longer enough.


While the Moon will return to your work sector on Wednesday, a week to the day since an active and defining 3 months came to an end, it will only be to check on things, to tie up loose ends and to give you an intuitive read on what if anything needs fine tuning. The days of work matters dominating everything else ended last week, with a chance this week to make your relationships a priority. With money matters already featuring strongly, Venus turning retrograde in your financial sector on Wednesday, opening the door to second chances and a solar eclipse next Monday, opening the door to new beginnings, that’s about to increase. This makes it important that you work with all the resources that the love gods are putting into your relationships this week.


There is a battle being waged for your attention this week, between forces on the professional front and those on the relationship front. If you have to pick favourites it’s on the work front that there is more urgency, though a better call would be to find a balance between the two. You can’t afford to let your focus slip on the work front with the Sun spending not only his last week in your work sector and Mercury his first, last and only full week of the year, but teaming up with lucky Jupiter for the last time for another 12 years. With the Sun leaving your work sector next Monday, Mercury next Wednesday and Jupiter next month and even the Moon returning on Friday, this is a week for putting everything on the line. Yet Venus is also making this an important relationship week.


Since Venus returned to your work sector last month and especially as you realise this is no ordinary visit, you’ve had to find a balance between work and play and that will become both easier and harder this week. With the Sun spending his last week in a playful, romantic and creative part of your chart and Mercury his first, last and only full week and both spending their last full week here with lucky Jupiter for another 12 years, the focus here is on the future and moving on. It’s Venus’ retrograde turn in your work sector on Wednesday that takes her out of actively competing with more playful forces, joining forces with Saturn to focus more on the second chances this opens the door to. You can’t achieve the right balance if you don’t think you really can have it all.


While Venus has been in a creative, romantic and playful part of your chart since early last month, it’s only now that you’re starting to realise that this is anything more than a passing theme. With Venus turning retrograde on Wednesday, opening the door to second chances and a solar eclipse next Monday due to open the door to even more opportunities, following your heart is about to become one of the most important themes in your life, as will all things heart related. Until then you have a chance to bring things up to speed on the home and family front, where you’re likely to find that things you’ve been working on or towards for weeks, months or even over the last year are finally coming together. Make having things running smoothly on the home front your top priority this week.


Having the Moon in your sign as you move into the new week ensures that you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, giving you a better read on what might be a tricky week. To start with this may make things better rather than worse, for it will highlight and may even exacerbate any personal and/or relationship tension. Yet this is tension that would have come to a head by mid week anyway, so by speeding this up this will give you a chance to get things out in the open. This is the last time that forces on the personal and relationship fronts will go head to head before Mars leaves your relationship sector in July and as luck should have it, comes on what is one of the best weeks of the year for communication and for a communication breakthrough.


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