Daily Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, May 13

One of the advantages of reading this calendar on a daily basis is that you can prepare for an upcoming event several days before-hand. In the last couple of days, you have been given the alert that the Sun was getting closer and closer to joining forces with Jupiter. Now that merger becomes a reality at 6:24AM PDT – energizing 24 degrees of Taurus. This occurs less than two hours after the Moon has left a void cycle in Aquarius by entering compassionate and empathic Pisces (4:43AM PDT). The combination of the two largest celestial bodies in the solar system reaching their annual conjunction while the Moon embraces one of Jupiter’s traditional ruling signs (Pisces) indicates that advanced and divine dynamics may be at play. The question is whether mere mortals can harness the fire of the gods and goddesses with the alignments going on right now. Helping you tap into cosmic substance – via the water and fire principles – is the Moon uniting with Neptune (10:25AM PDT) and Mercury forming a flowing trine with Mars (1:55PM PDT). Overall, the universe appears to be offering you great opportunities to take a giant leap forward in your main fields of expertise. Some additional hassles or concerns may appear later on when the Moon makes its monthly opposition to Mars (8:49PM PDT) while Mercury forms a frictional, 45-degree tie with Venus (8:57PM PDT). You should also note that Venus is rapidly slowing down its forward motion in Gemini as it prepares to stop and go into reverse on Tuesday morning May 15. Steep yourself in some of the masterpieces of metaphysics as the Moon unites with Chiron in Pisces (10:30PM PDT) and Mercury approaches a mind-enriching trine to profound Pluto (forming exactly at 1:10AM PDT tomorrow morning).