Daily Cosmic Calendar for Wednesday, May 2

Your inner scholar is ready to shine and get straight A’s in a field of study close to your heart – thanks to a harmonious trine in earth signs from the Moon in Virgo to expansive Jupiter in Taurus (3:22AM PDT). While you are excelling on the higher educational track, the Moon jumps ship and begins a more abrasive square pattern to Venus (3:59AM PDT) – a frictional tie that also starts a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 7:05PM PDT when the Moon enters airy Libra. If you are a newcomer to reading this calendar, please realize that void lunar cycles are opportunities to finish old business on a high note. However, you don’t want to initiate bold, new ventures because they could fizzle out or not evolve into the successful achievements you are envisioning. Once the Moon is happily moving into Libran territory (7:05PM PDT), the best game plan is to improve the quality of your primary partnerships while also exploring various artistic media that can develop into favorite hobbies. On Tuesday, the Moon activated a potentially revelatory grand triangle with Ceres and Pluto. Now we have Ceres and Pluto actually making their own, official trine of 120-degrees in earth signs (11:28PM PDT). Be as productive as possible in your main fields of expertise as Wednesday morphs into Thursday.