Invoking and Banishing Earth Pentacles

Invoking and Banishing Earth Pentacles


In ceremonial magick and some Wiccan groups you will find what are called the invoking pentacles of the Elements. There are five of them—Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. To invoke the energy of the earth at the north quarter, you would draw the star starting at the top and following through. To release that energy, you would start at the bottom left-hand corner and draw the sigil. Usually the symbols are drawn in the air with one’s finger, wand, rod or athame. The invoking earth pentacle brings earth energy into the circle, and the banishing earth pentacle sends the energy back from whence it came. You might want to trace your finger over the diagrams to get the magickal hand of the energy of this symbol. If you are trying to bring prosperity into your life, then you might at some point in your ritual or spell draw an invoking earth pentagram on your supplies. You can even use a pen or pencil and draw it right on a dollar bill, asking for the blessings of abundance. This system of invoking and vanishing the elements using pentagrams is attributed to Samuel L. Mathers, who improved on the original material of the ceremonial magician Eliphas Zahed Levi.