My Magickal Gift to You for Aug. 19th – Make Your Own Marblized Spell Paper


You will need:
a large bottle of liquid starch
several colors of acrylic paints
two large flat baking dishes or dish pans
a few custard cups
small bowls or empty margarine containers
paint brushes
a variety of tools to create patterns in the paint (such as a feather, nut
pick, ice pick, coiled rubber cord, wire whisk, potato masher, fork or
wide-toothed hair comb)           

Fill one baking dish or dish pan with starch to a depth of about 2 inches;
fill the second one with cool water. In custard cups or other small
containers, dilute each paint color until it just barely drips from a brush.
Then drip colors on top of the starch until the surface of the starch is
nearly covered.

Create a pattern in the starch with one or many of your tools. Move the
desired tool through the paint in straight lines, at geometric angels, in
circles, or in rays. Even if you leave the dots undisturbed to produce a
pebble pattern, no two patterns will be the same. Feel free to experiment
and be creative!

Hold a card or piece of paper by opposite corners and bend it gently so the
paper sags slightly. Lay it gently on top of the paint, but do not allow the
paper to sink below the surface. Immediately lift paper back out of the
starch. Hold it over the dish and allow the paint to drip off for a few

Rinse paper in the dish of plain water. Lift paper out of water and allow it
to drip for about 15 seconds or until most of the water has dripped off. Lay
the paper flat, paint side up, on a work surface to dry.

When done just write prayers/ spells on papers, roll up of fold with an
offering of herbs and or dried flowers, seed pods etc. and burn in your
cauldron or dish.

Offer the burned remains to the wind……