Dream of Delight Potion (2) Mobile

Of course, simmering the formula over the stove implies that you wish to cast a love spell at home. Perhaps you were planning a picnic or a road trip. This version of creams of Delight offers possibilities of mobility and spontaneity.

  1. Bruise the herbs in a mortar and pestle. (Don’t grind them finely as this causes difficulty in straining the mixture.)

  2. Add these herbs to a bottle of wine.

  3. Let it steep for several hours or over night them when you’re ready strain and share.

Dreams of Delight Potion (1) Fragrant

The aroma of simmering Dreams of Delight may be so inviting that drinking may not be necessary. Merely inhaling the fragrance with its subliminal message of love and seduction may be sufficient for the purpose

  1. Fill a pot with wine.

  2. Add the dried botanicals and warm to a simmer.

  3. Strain the solids out and serve the warm potion to the one you love.

Seduction Bath

For maximum power, use lunar-charged water to create this infusion.

  1. Pour boiling water over cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds and cardamom.

  2. Strain and let it cool.

  3. Dip a white cloth into the pot of water and bathe the body, concentrating on the neck and thighs.

  4. Let yourself air-dry so that you radiate the herbal powers. This allegedly enables the bather to seduce whomever is desired.

The Moorish Charm

This spell is from Spain, “Charm” is meant in its classical sense as a magickal incantation, chant, or song rather than the popular usage indicating a magickally empowered object.

Gather your materials:

Caraway seeds
Coriander seeds
Cumin seeds
Mastic resin
White lime (not the fruit, but burned limestone preparation once very easily obtainable through any pharmacy; substitute oyster shell calcium tablets if easier)
Verdigris (the green coating which forms on brass or copper; it can be created or secuured from art supply store or pharmacist)
Myrrh resign
Dragon’s blood
Broom straw

Take your materials to a crossroads or cemetery.

Make a fire.

Toss in the ingredients, one by one, chanting over each something to the effect:

Oh magick caraway bring him to me!
Oh magick coriander blind him with love for me!

The order of the first eight ingredients doesn’t much matter but leave broom straw for last, chanting: “oh magick broom, fly him to me!”

Summoning Powder (1)

  1. Grind bay leaves, cinnamon, lavender, and star anise together.
  2. Blend with an equal amount of sugar.
  3. If personal belongings have been left behind especially underwear and socks, sprinkle them with powder. If there are no belongings, try to meet him, and sprinkle him surreptitiously with a little powder. As a last option, write him or her a letter, adding some powder to the envelope.

Star Apple Love Potion

Make and eat this potion to sweeten your love and romance with that special person.

For this potion, you will need:

One apple, apricot preserves, ground ginger, and ground cinnamon.

After dinner, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut an apple horizontally so you can see the seed star within. After you cut the apples, hold the apples halves in your hands, and say:

Apple of Goodness, apple of love

Sweeten our romance, as below so above.

Now dig out the seeds and core and make a little pocket to put the preserves. As you do, chant:

Apple of goodness, sweeten our love.

Mix the preserves with a pinch or two of ginger and cinnamon, then spoon into the apple. As you spoon the mixture into the apple halves, repeat:

Apple of goodness, apple of love

Sweeten our romance as below so above.

Wrap the apple halves in aluminum foil and bake for fifteen to twenty minutes. Allow the apple halves to cool enough to eat them, but make sure you eat then warm. Eat one of the halves yourself, and feed your love the other half. Just before you take the first bite, repeat:

Apple of goodness, sweeten our love.

Yarrow Summoning Spell

Yarrow allegedly enhances telepathic bridges between people This spell may be used for friends and relatives as well as lovers

Cut a yarrow stalk into pieces. Give portion to everyone who should be on the magickal telephone line. When you wish to summon someone, hold your piece in your left hand and intensely visualize that person.

Haptic Sex Magick

Haptic is from the Greek world  haptesthai meaning “to touch.” If you are haptic, you are a person who is primarily kinesthetic or relies primarily on your sense of touch. The spell uses purely haptic clue to intensify your sexual and orgasmic energies for sex magick.

You will need a feather, a fresh thornless rose, two pieces of candy, satin or flannel sheets, a soft quilt, silky or velvety lingerie or pajamas, and two sleeping masks.

After dark, put the feather, rose, and candy in a small box or bag, and put the items next to your bed for easy access. Dress your bed in satin or soft flannel sheets, and dress yourself in silky or velvety lingerie or pajamas. Turn on romantic music in your bedroom. Take your lover into the room and ask him or her to lie on the bed. Go over to your mate, and give him or her a big French kiss upside down, so your bottom life meets your lover’s top lip and your top lip meets your lover’s bottom lip. (If you have never kissed your lover in this way, you are in for a most pleasant and sexy surprise.) After you kiss your lover, put the sleeping masks on, and turn out the lights. Begin by taking each other’s clothes off slowly and deliberately. Next, hold the feather in your hand and stroke your’s body with it. Tickle and tease with the feather. As you do, say:

Feel me, touch me, blessed be!

Now hold the rose in your hand, and put it up to your lover’s nose so he or she can smell it. Softly massage your lover’s back and chest with the rose petals. As you do, repeat:

Feel me, touch me, blessed be!

Then feed your love a piece of the candy and have your mate feed you the other piece of candy. As you feed your love the candy, say:

Kiss me sweetly, my love. Blessed be!

Now kiss your lover. Then, softly stroke your lover’s body in all the right places and have him on her return in kind. Keep the masks on while you make love. Direct your sexual energies towards a shared dream or magickal goal.

Your Absence is Killing Me Spell

This elaborate ritual, intended to force an errant husband’s return, pretty much tells the universe that you’re as good as dead if he doesn’t come home.

  1. The deserted spouse lies on the floor, stretched out like a corpse, with funerary candles at her head and feet. Stay in that position until the candles have burnt out. This spell is from Latin America and has a Roman Catholic orientation: it is suggested that the Christian Creed be repeated while waiting for the candles to burn  down. Supplement with petitions. Substitute other prayers, petitions, and visualizations as appropriate.

  2. Pay attention to your words as the candles burn out. Whatever you’re saying when they are actually extinguished must be repeated three times, while pounding on the floor with both fists.

  3. Immediately call the spouse’s name and demand that spiritual authorities force his return:


“Soul of Tulimeca, you who are in Rome.

I need you to send me (Name), child of

 (Name), repentant of all the grief he

has caused me. Humbled and full of love for me.”

This ordeal must be repeated for three successive nights.

The Goddess Companion

I sing of Aphrodite, the lover’s goddess,
beautiful, golden crowned, a blossom
riding on the seafoam, resting on the wind.
She comes ashore, and women
in gold bracelets meet her, bearing
silken garments for her lovely body,
copper rings for her shell ears,
chains of gold for her silver breasts.
They lead her from the seashore.
Do not look upon her! Your eyes
would dazzle from such beauty.
But you do not need to see her.
You already know her. It is she
you moves you in your dance.
She is the music of your life.
Do you need to ask her name?
Call her Love. Call her Joy.
Call her golden Aphrodite.
~Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite
This is the season when hearts blossom on stationary and storefronts, when winged cupids dance through advertisements, when we are incessantly reminded of the human desire to love and be loved. But Cupid, for all his omnipresence at this time of year, is not the real deity behind this festival. The great mother of that winged sprite is Aphrodite, the force of love who transforms us all.
The Greeks, from whose tradition comes this magnificent prayer, praised her as the “Golden One,” the one whose presence makes all creation beautiful and whose praises are sung in one of the most beautiful of the ancient Homeric Hymns. As we pass through the season of hearts, let us acknowledge her powerful presence.

By Patricia Monaghan ~