The Moorish Charm

This spell is from Spain, “Charm” is meant in its classical sense as a magickal incantation, chant, or song rather than the popular usage indicating a magickally empowered object.

Gather your materials:

Caraway seeds
Coriander seeds
Cumin seeds
Mastic resin
White lime (not the fruit, but burned limestone preparation once very easily obtainable through any pharmacy; substitute oyster shell calcium tablets if easier)
Verdigris (the green coating which forms on brass or copper; it can be created or secuured from art supply store or pharmacist)
Myrrh resign
Dragon’s blood
Broom straw

Take your materials to a crossroads or cemetery.

Make a fire.

Toss in the ingredients, one by one, chanting over each something to the effect:

Oh magick caraway bring him to me!
Oh magick coriander blind him with love for me!

The order of the first eight ingredients doesn’t much matter but leave broom straw for last, chanting: “oh magick broom, fly him to me!”